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Biomechanics and Physics of the Tennis Serve
This is a full IB Extended Essay on the physics and biomechanics of the tennis serve,complete with six references. It explores the scientific theory behind every detail of the tennis serve.
Class / Course: Physics
Year: 2003
Grade: 90
Keywords: Tennis biomechanics
This paper has a title page included with a total of 5 References on a seperate reference page. This paper aims to explain and discuss the USA Patriot Act. This paper what a great paper!
Class / Course: Sec/470
Year: 2009
Grade: 100
Keywords: THE USA PATRIOT ACTUnited States of America freedom government Constitutionâs first and fourth amendments counterter
The Lost Voices
This confronts the scary number of children who die each year at the hands of fatal child abuse. More specifically, it addresses those cases in which the Dept. of Child & Family Services had already been involved with the family. This paper is intense; it
Class / Course: SW3214
Year: 2002
Grade: 100
Keywords: child abuse attachment disorders foster care adoption social work children
Creating the Ideal American Criminal Justice System: An Integrative Approach
Discusses the importance of integrating the four major legal traditions to create an ideal criminal justice system in the US. 9 sources.
Class / Course: CJ343
Year: 2008
Grade: 100
Keywords: Criminal justice systems international comparative criminal justice legal systems
Home-Schooling in America
This essay is about home-schooling in America and some facts about it. It is more or less a persuasion paper.
Class / Course: ENGL101
Year: 2002
Grade: 95
Keywords: homeschooling
Massachusetts ROCKS!
An environmental science essay on the geology of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Bay area. I recieved an A- on this paper in an AP class, so it would be suitable for a college level course.
Class / Course: EnviSci
Year: 2002
Grade: 90
Keywords: AP Environmental Science
Affirmative Action in America
Essay based on immorality of Affirmative Action and the civil unrest it causes.
Class / Course: ENG101
Year: 2001
Grade: 94
Keywords: affirmative action
Economic Liberalism
1) Milton Friedman considers himself to be a "liberal" in the John Stuart Mill sense of the term. What does he mean by "liberal"? Why is Friedman considered a "conservative" in contemporary America? 2) Why, according to Patrick Boarman, must we take account of institutions if we are to fully understand market society? 3) Why, according to Amitai Etzioni, is self-regulation by the market not sufficient? What does he propose to help prevent the regulated from controlling the regulators, regulations, or their enforcement? 4) Why do economists judge the appropriate role of the state so differently? How might it be related to their differing views on public versus private goods? How might it be related to their views concerning human behavior?
Class / Course: ECON101
Year: 2009
Grade: 95
Keywords: economic liberalism milton friedman Amitai Etzioni self-regulation private goods human behavior patrick boarman conservatism
Class / Course: GRAD
Year: 2008
Grade: 100
Evaluation Essay
Evaluation essay on computers
Class / Course: Adv Lit
Year: 1
Grade: 89
Keywords: Computers
This paper covers the history, symptoms, cure (lack of), diagnosis, and other stats.
Class / Course: BIO102
Year: 2008
Grade: 92
Keywords: Smallpox
Wild Nights Critique
This is a critique of Emily Dickenson's poem Wild Nights.
Class / Course: Eng 209
Year: 2002
Grade: 97
Keywords: Emily Dickenson/ Wild Nights
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