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Essays made available on this site are original and have come from regular individuals like you. You name your own price and getting paid for the papers you sell is painless. Only essays you (the original author) have written and have never made available to any other source, Internet or other, are eligible. For more information, see our Usage Policy and Buyer Safety information for exact details.

If you are like most other college students, you have a computer full of essays saved somewhere on your hard drive. You have probably forgotten about many of them! At this point, you've already received credit for the paper and probably the class, so why not get some cash for the papers you've worked so hard on? They're not of much use to you by now, but for someone else they could be a huge assistance!

I want to post my essays, but how much are they worth?
The value of your paper is only worth as much as it is worth to the person buying the essay. But, to put this in perspective, think in terms of monetary cost versus time, effort, and most importantly quality (the grade you got) on the paper. The minimum price you may list a paper for is $15. However, depending on the quality, amount of content and research, and the author's background, a large essay of the highest quality may be worth over $100 to many individuals. We recommend a price of $15 - $20 for small papers (1 - 2 pages double-spaced), or for slightly longer papers without a bibliography. Until your paper gets our PaperSafe seal of approval, the maxium you can offer it for is $45. After it is approved, you can list it for as much as you like. PaperSafe is a system where we scan the essays with the same software high school and college instructors use to detect if the paper contains plagiarism. If we can't detect it's presence on the Internet, or plagiarism, we can be fairly certain it is original work that is being offered exclusively on our site. This is the feature, assuring quality, is what makes us such a popular choice for essay buyers and sellers. It does not typically take us more than 48 hours to verify an essay.

Yes, your essays can be quite valuable, granted they are quality pieces of work. You can always manage your essays through your account online and adjust the prices to increase sales if need be. For pricing reference, sift through some essays similar to yours listed on this site, and compare the prices other users are asking.

It looks like I can make some good money with this, but what do you get? takes 50% from every sale. This is to cover our cost to operate this service (hosting, programming, merchant fees, advertising, etc.) and the time of the staff.

Ok, that sounds fair. How do I get paid?
Once you have accumulated $50 or more in your account you can withdraw your funds. Expect to get your money generally within 10 days from your request date. Make most payments via PayPal to ensure prompt and trackable payments, but checks can be sent to U.S. sellers who specially request it.

How do I manage my funds, request a withdrawal, and track my sales?
After signing up, you will have access to your personal account control panel. From the control panel you will be able to manage all aspects of your account including profile, essay prices, essay's you've sold, feedback, funds, and so much more.

I think I'm ready, how do I post my essay?
After signing up for a free account, you have immediate access to submit as many essays as you like through the feature rich, account control panel. Your essay does not require any particular format (ie- Word, WordPerfect, etc). You simply copy and paste your essay from your word processing program into the text area provided on our essay submission form.

Signing up is quick and easy. However, you must read our buyer safety information along with the Usage Policy. We are strict in enforcing our policy and safety measures for our buyers against those who intend to use this service in a manner that is deceptive.

If you're ready to sign up, lets get started!

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