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The Prince
Analysis of The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. Includes many direct quotes for comparisons.
Class / Course: HIST114
Year: 2003
Grade: 95
Keywords: The prince; Machiavelli
Different Ways of Leadership
This paper is ultimatley a compare and contrast paper between two styles of leadership. It includes Sayyid Qutb, a muslim author who died for his beliefs and led people through words and knowledge; and the other side is Osama bin Laden, and his violent me
Class / Course: rel.
Year: 2001
Grade: 90
Keywords: leadship osama bin laden sayyid qutb jihad
The Rainforests of Borneo
A strong, argumentative research report that blends the pros and cons of cutting down the tropical rainforests in Borneo. Includes several referrences and great detail.
Class / Course: ENG101
Year: 2005
Grade: 100
Keywords: Borneo rainforest Indonesia tropical Penan zoo animal aboriginal extinction atmosphere global l
Class / Course: GRAD
Year: 2008
Grade: 100
Balancing Work and Family: An Analysis of the Working Woman
This paper is based on an interview and several journal/book sources. It takes an in-depth look at the relationship between women and work. Many aspects of this relationship are discussed in detail, including changes in traditional gender roles, time bala
Class / Course: Psych380
Year: 2003
Grade: 100
Keywords: Women Workplace Family Study Feminism
1 MLA source describes what communism was to Marx and Engels
Class / Course: 2-300LVL
Year: 2001
Grade: 95
Keywords: communism Marx Engels government history communist
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The Most Overrated President
This essay attacks the popularity and reputation of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The essay examines FDRs so called "initiatives" to stop the bleeding of the depression and places the credit for the initiatives justly.
Class / Course: US2AP
Year: 2006
Grade: 95
Keywords: Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Shifts in Teen Pregnancy
This is a paper about teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is one of America's growing problems. There are more than 1 million teenagers that are pregnant in the United States. The American Medical Association Report states that sexual activity is beginning at an earlier age. Most teenagers believe that it will not happen to them, but it can and does.
Class / Course: SOCI
Year: 2011
Grade: 93
Keywords: teen pregnancy public policy trends youth young women girls sex
Research paper analyzing The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin and the meaning of the weather, androgynous natives, and ambisexuality.
Class / Course: Engl
Year: 2003
Grade: 100
Keywords: Ursula Le Guin Left Hand of Darkness Women Androgyny Feminist Utopia
Reality Television and the Blurring of News and Entertainment
This paper is a textual analysis which examines reality TV and the blending of entertainment and news coverage. It's a Graduate-level, research paper with a 3-page Bibliography. And it's an "A" paper!
Class / Course: ENG601
Year: 2003
Grade: 95
Keywords: Reality television News analysis Literary review
Actual Innocence
A book report, review and opinion paper about innocent people in prison and the difficulties of proving they did not do the crime.
Class / Course: Soc 155
Year: 2003
Grade: 100
Keywords: Attys Barry Scheck & Peter Neufeld
Challenges and Strategies for Teaching Social Skills in the
This is a detailed review of several articles relating to social skills instruction in the classroom, followed by a conclusion (personal opinion) of the information summarized.
Class / Course: ALTE607
Year: 2005
Grade: 100
Keywords: teaching social skills social skills instruction teaching challenges teaching strategies articl
Class / Course: GRAD
Year: 2009
Grade: 100
An Inspector Calls - how the play reflects its context
A close and critcal analyis of J.B. Priestley's seminanal play "An Inspector Calls." This essay offers deep analysis of the play's style, with extensive use of well chosen quotation and reference to stagecraft, in order to prove the relationship between the play's content and the historical context in which it was composed.
Class / Course: ENG101
Year: 2010
Grade: 95
Keywords: An Inspector Calls J.B. Priestley Crime Fiction Theatre Critical Theory Criticism Context Form Style Thesis World War II
This is a 2 page journal entry that I wrote in my World Literature course on "The Analects" by Confucius. I describe specific quotations from the story and the message the author tries to convey to readers.
Class / Course: LIT205
Year: 2007
Grade: 92
Keywords: the analects analects confucius The Analects of Confucius world literature Confucius
How will climatic change effect the world in the future
An essay describing how climatic change will effect the world in the future from a scientific point of view.
Class / Course: ENG101
Year: 2009
Grade: 100
Keywords: How will climatic change effect the world in the future
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