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Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act of 2002    $15.00
IT244 Sarbanes Oxley act of 2002 explaing the regulations and security policies... More Details
Tags: IT244 Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act of 2002
Pages:  2
Works Cited: No
First Scare    $30.00
This is a fictional sctory of a person who got scared first time in his life because of a story in old time. ... More Details
Tags: First Scare of a person
Pages:  4
Works Cited: Yes
Final Interview Paper    $30.00
Final Interview Paper I did an interview on a 52 year old African American man. His mother had kicked him out at 18. He stated, “That’s when I had to Man up.” From the age of 18 to 25 he was addicted to Crack-Cocaine. He supported himself and his habit by selling drugs and participating in organized crime. He was incarcerated at the age of 25 for armed robbery and possession of crack cocaine. He spent most of his adult years in and out of prison. The penitentiary made his behaviors worse. He stated that to be released out of prison early ... More Details
Tags: Final Interview Paper
Pages:  5
Works Cited: No
"The Real Me"    $45.00
Short story set in modern Japan. A young boy loses all memories after seeing his brother brutally murdered. His father is not in the picture, and he is abused by his mother. He attends after-school sessions with a psychologist, but they don't help. Soon the boy is approached by a mysterious man who says he knows why the boy's brother was murdered, and why the boy cannot remember anything before the incident. (Story is 10 pages, but stops in mid-action without resolving the plot.)... More Details
Tags: Short story set in Japan. A boy loses all memory after his brother is brutally murdered. He is abused by his mother and is ap
Pages:  10
Works Cited: No
An elephant came to school ! Written by Nisha Lakhiani    $15.00
An essay of fictional writing , more like a short story about how an animal creates havoc in a school ! This essay is an original peice of writing written by me... More Details
Tags: english fiction writing coursework assignment composition elephant school fiction descriptive short story
Pages:  1
Works Cited: No
An Old Friend Found Again    $15.00
Short realistic story about finding old friends. Contains plot, dialogue, literary devices (flashback, irony etc, detail description of setting. MLA... More Details
Tags: Short story fiction realistic story dialogue description scene
Pages:  2
Works Cited: No
Southerly Lady of Quality    $15.00
Researched first person narrative exploring the effects of the Civil War on plantation owners’ wives. The availability of medicine is referenced. ... More Details
Tags: American Civil War; Historical Fiction; First Person Narrative; Medical conditions of war; South's POV
Pages:  3
Works Cited: No
Life in Charleston 1855: The Account of Jessica Jameson, Free Person of Color    $15.00
A historical fiction account of living as a free "person of color" prior to the American Civil War. Assignment required researching the time period and providing specific details that were common to the experience of the person in question.... More Details
Tags: Historical Fiction; First Person; Slavery; Racism; Free Blacks; American History; Civil War
Pages:  3
Works Cited: No
If Only I Could Turn Back Time    $15.00
We sometimes fail to protect those people we love and thus losing them in no time. And there's no way that we can turn back time.... More Details
Tags: losing friends death life regret friendship
Pages:  1
Works Cited: No
If Only    $40.00
If Only is an original short story that reveals what happens when a young lesbian falls in love with a student and her mother. There are severe consequences, which lead up to a surprising and shocking ending. ... More Details
Tags: young adult fiction love lust surprise ending
Pages:  8
Works Cited: No
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