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Martial Arts vs. Competitive High School Sports
Compare/Contrast essay that compares Martial Arts with Competitive High School Sports. Perfect essay to exemplify compare/contrast written by a martial artist/high school athlete. Ideal for ENG101 or Freshman Composition. Two and a half pages double-spaced. Requires some editing if student is not a martial artist.
Class / Course: ENG101
Year: 2007
Grade: 92
Keywords: compare contrast sports school high school martial art compete karate tae kwon do gym
Home-Schooling in America
This essay is about home-schooling in America and some facts about it. It is more or less a persuasion paper.
Class / Course: ENGL101
Year: 2002
Grade: 95
Keywords: homeschooling
Class / Course: GRAD
Year: 2009
Grade: 100
Affirmative Action
This essay discusses an organization's employment practices, and eeo laws that protect employees from a variety of issues that encompasses discrimmination. The essay also inteprets governement, legialative laws, and managment's functions to enure that all emplyees are treated fairly. The essay also gives a detailed description of the type of eeo laws that were established to help prevent workplace discrimmination.
Class / Course: hrm/240
Year: 2009
Grade: 100
Keywords: Affirmative Action and eeo laws
Hofstedes Value Dimensions: Jewish Culture
Outlines Hofstedes value dimensions as applied to the Jewish Culture.
Class / Course: psyc101
Year: 2004
Grade: 95
Keywords: Hofstede Value Dimensions Communications Psychology Values Jewish culture
John Locke's Influence on American Government
This essay analyzes John Locke's influence on American Government, particularly going over the state of nature, the social contract, the legitimacy of political resistance to despotic authority, and inherent natural rights.
Class / Course: HST400
Year: 2008
Grade: 92
Keywords: John Locke Second Treatise American Government social contract state of nature legitimate political resistance
Treatment of Spinal Cord Injuries with GM-1 Ganglioside
Using the experimental drug Sygen (GM-1 ganglioside)to treat spinal cord injuries.
Class / Course: BIO413
Year: 2002
Grade: 100
Keywords: spinal cord injuries GM-1 ganglioside Sygen
Ideas of Education
Here is an analytic essay comparing three authors\' ideas on education. I compare/contrast the ideas of Fan Shen, Douglas Kellner, and K. Anthony Appiah.
Class / Course: AMST100
Year: 2001
Grade: 85
Keywords: Fan Shen Douglas Kellner and K. Anthony Appiah
Class / Course: GRAD
Year: 2010
Grade: 100
Supersize Me
This essay discusses about the ethical issue in Supersize Me documentary film by Morgan Spurlock. I support McDonald in this essay.
Class / Course: MKT101
Year: 2008
Grade: 100
Keywords: Supersize Me Ethics
Mount St. Helens
Mount St. Helens
Class / Course: ENG203
Year: 2002
Grade: 95
Keywords: History
Marbury vs. Madison, the Political Smackdown
This was an article written in US history class to simulate a newspaper article reporting on the Mabury vs. Madison case. It gives a complete history on the event.
Class / Course: USH
Year: 2003
Grade: 93
Keywords: Marbury Madison case judge smackdown political history US past supreme
Political Rights Outweigh Economic Need
It is a persuasive essay arguing that the American colonies suceeded from G.B. because of political reasons--rather than economic reasons.
Class / Course: US Hist
Year: 2003
Grade: 96
Keywords: political colonies revolutionary war
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