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Jan Van Eyck, 15th Century Flemish artist    $15.00
Evaluates Jan Van Eyck, 15th century Flemish artist. Touches on the Fall of Man, Last Supper, Merode Alterpiece, Man in the Red Turban and briefly explores the techniques and specifics to this artist.... More Details
Tags: Jan Van Eyck Man in a Red Turban Merode Alterpiece The Last Supper The Fall of Man
Pages:  2
Works Cited: No
PROPAGANDA    $20.00
Propaganda has been used for many years to achieve political, personal, as well as religious milestones. While propaganda is normally associated with strong negative connotations, it also refers to use of deception to influence or uphold opinions that are generally accepted by the society. However, the major question is how propaganda has been successfully used as a tool of war over the years. The answer to this is simply lack of the audience to verify the information presented to them. The purpose of this paper is to give an in depth definition of propaganda and target as a major characteristic of propaganda. ... More Details
Tags: propagateinfluencedistorteddecision makingpolitics bias controversialemotionsweapon deceit facts crosscheckreligious leaders
Pages:  7
Works Cited: Yes
honor killing    $20.00
This is a story about a girl Zaniab who is killed by her father and two brothers in order to protect the honor of their family. ... More Details
Tags: honor killing
Pages:  1
Works Cited: No
The Fragility of Women    $15.00
The following essay is an explication of the characters in the play, The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams.... More Details
Tags: The Glass Menagerie essay analysis explication tennasee williams
Pages:  6
Works Cited: Yes
Substance abuse among lesbians may be considered a neglected area, and as such, there is need for research in this area as the problem among the lesbians is increasing greatly . This research seeks to investigate substance abuse as it affects the lesbian community. It further seeks to find out of the lesbians are prone to higher rate of substance use than their counterparts are. Substance use and abuse is a significant contributor to behavioral health problems of the lesbians. By drawing from available data on lesbians examine the substance use causes and problems associated with it and look into the available treatment programs. The study showed that indeed substance abuse is a common problem among the lesbian community. It also found out that it is true that lesbians are prone to a higher rate of substance use as opposed to the heterosexual women . This is attributed to the environmental causes and to some extent, the genetic and mesolimbic causes. In future studies that investigate pathways by which the lesbians can get access to treatment and referrals for substance abuse problems recommended. ... More Details
Tags: Substance abuselesbiansheterosexual womenhealth problemsaddiction
Pages:  8
Works Cited: Yes
Patients Rights to Confidentiality    $20.00
during the course of treatment, a patient is entitled to rights as far as proper treatment and medical records are concerned.the right to confidentiality of a patient can be beached when medical information about a patient is disclosed to a third party without the patient's consent essay looks at the patients' right to confidentiality, how it can be breached and how it is punished. ... More Details
Tags: PATIENT RIGHTS confidentiality breach
Pages:  4
Works Cited: Yes
Tackling Drugs    $20.00
drugs may be beneficial or harmful.drug abuse has resulted in break up of marriages when a spouse uses all his money to fund the habit.for students who are addicts, they are more likely to miss school. these are just but a few of the many harmful effects of abusing drugs. this paper seks to highlight how the british government is tackling this problem by cahnging its tactics. for instance whereas the role of handling people drug abusers was previously left to the police, the government has now ensured that even parents and teachers paly an active role in informing thier children and students respectively on the disadvantages of drug abuse.the home ministry has also enacted a policy that sets out an approach of preventing drug use in societies, and the methods of helping people to recover from drug and alcohol dependance.eventually, everybody is involved in fighting against drug abuse and compared to the previous approach, this approach is more fruitful. ... More Details
Tags: Drugs functioningillegal dependance policystatepeers security enlightenment.
Pages:  6
Works Cited: Yes
Student recruitment is normally done to present candidates to a client for a price, or enroll him in a higher academic profile that will yield higher retention rates. For colleges that are preparing to recruit new students, a number of preparations must be made. The process begins with assessing the experiences of the students before college through primary and high school, besides other universities. The final procedure includes improving the education level of teachers and the admission of students in public schools so that the graduating teachers are well prepared. The Education College improves teacher education and public school admission, including graduation of better-prepared science and math teacher... More Details
Tags: choosing college teacher graduate interst rates client assessing college capacity admiited recruitment qualify courses.
Pages:  2
Works Cited: Yes
ECOTOURISM    $20.00
the process by which people travel to pristine and protected areas is referred to as ecotourism. people who are ecotours mainly undertake the process for education purposes while others also do it to foster their respect for different cultures. the main objective of ecotourism is to provide nature-based environmental education for its visitors while ensuring that resources are managed in a sustainable manner. whereas nature-based ecotourism aims at enhancing personal understanding and appreciation for nature,sustainable ecotourism aims to address the needs of the visited environments in a sustainable manner.The main difference between ecotourism and other forms of tourism is that ecotourism involves learning about the environment while the other forms of tourism center on personal accomplishments of successfully meeting the challenge of the natural environment. ... More Details
Tags: travelling protected areaseducation culture economic empowerement political empowerement local attratctions environmental edu
Pages:  11
Works Cited: Yes
INTERNSHIP    $20.00
internships are one of the ways throgh which students get an opportunity to apply the knowledge they gained in school. they equip students with the knowledge they require to survive in the real working environment because they increase the chances of one being employed, they help one improve his work ethics and also give students a chance to be confident in their lines of work. ... More Details
Tags: experienceswork employment graduates internshipskills work ethics
Pages:  12
Works Cited: Yes
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