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The Opinion's of Machiavelli and Aristotle on Generosity and Liberality
Compares and contrasts views on generosiity and Personal Liberality using Machiavelli's The Prince and Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics
Class / Course: PHIL 101
Year: 2003
Grade: 97
Keywords: Philosophy Aristotle Machiavelli Generosity
Visit To A Buddhist Bodhi
This is a detailed reflection of a trip to a Buddhist Temple. It describes all encounters of the visit including a description of the interior, services, and food. It was a mid term paper for a world religion course.
Class / Course: REL181
Year: 2007
Grade: 95
Keywords: Buddha Buddhist Bodhi religion monks monk
Analysis: "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost
In depth critical analysis of Frost's "The Road Not Taken." Multiple essay citations with quotes from other essays. Biblography included. Addresses theme, motif, figurative language, metaphors, and a summary of the poem itself. Clearly defined thesis, introduction, conclusion, and key points.
Class / Course: AP ENG
Year: 2007
Grade: 97
Keywords: robert frost the road not taken "robert frost" "the road not taken" poem poetry analysis life choices
A Heroine\'s Story
This essay explaines how Jane Eyre is a heroine. It talkes about all the places she\'s lived at, how she delt with these places and their inhabitants, and how she persevered.
Class / Course: AP Eng.
Year: 2003
Grade: 98
Keywords: Jane Eyre
Journal Analysis on “Two Kinds”
This is just a Journal analysis, written about the short story "Two Kinds," written in journal format.
Class / Course: ENG 1302
Year: 2002
Grade: 94
Keywords: Two Kinds Journal Analysis
Mao Zedong
Biography of Mao Zedong
Class / Course: History
Year: 2002
Grade: 94
Keywords: Mao Zedong Dictator
Music is everywhere
Research and persuasve essay written for Freshman English II class arguing that "recorded music has defined us as individuals and changed society more than any other invention of the 20th century." Discusses the importance of recorded music in the modern
Class / Course: ENGL1213
Year: 1999
Grade: 95
Keywords: music recorded music technology history of music
The Simpsons and Gender Roles
This is a graduate level essay examining how the Simpsons both challenge and mirror typical family values, specifically Gender Roles. It includes a background on how family values and gender roles have been portrayed in the past and how they compare to the Simpsons. A 20 page paper that could easily be broken down into smaller papers and worked into different papers. Excellent research and Work Cited page.
Class / Course: Comm615
Year: 2004
Grade: 92
Keywords: The Simpsons Television Gender Roles Womens Studies Family Values Stereotypes women
American History from Independence to Domestic Termoil
This paper investigates the history of America from independence to the Civil War in great detail, discussing matters ranging from the discussion at the dinner party of Washington's cabinet to the actions of General Heratio Nelson.
Class / Course: HIS320
Year: 2009
Grade: 98
Keywords: American History Revolution to Civil War
White Collar Crime and Deviance
What is deviant behavior? White collar crime is a form of deviance. I briefly discuss white collar crime and use a news article to support my opinion of how the US doesn't prosecute as it should. The article is cited at the end of the essay if you wish to
Class / Course: soc031
Year: 2000
Grade: 90
Keywords: white collar crime deviance sociology law
This is an essay on shorelines and how man is combating the sea to maintain the shorelines we rely on. With works cited it shows to what lengths many cities are going to, to stop the erosion of their shorelines. Written for Earth Science class.
Class / Course: SCI311
Year: 2006
Grade: 100
Keywords: Global Warming Green Shorelines Environmental Studies Earth Science
Sex Education: Comprehensive or Abstinence?
This essay is about the question: What is the best way to teach sex education? It is written using three references.
Class / Course: PS220
Year: 2010
Grade: 100
Keywords: Teen/sex/teenager/sex education
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