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Experiment 9: A Volumetric Analysis Experiment 10: Vinegar Analysis    $45.00
This lab report is about the titration process in an acid base solution. The purpose of this experiment was to standardize an acid base reaction to reach an equilibrium. All sections of a full lab report are included: title, abstract, intro, discussion, results, conclusion, references. All tables are included as well. This report explains the lab and its details for titration. This lab report is in depth with a lot of information and will surely get you a 100 percent. Using the Molar concentrations of the acid vs base, an equilibrium is reached in which the solution changes color. The reason why it changes is included in the lab report with a full thesis, purpose, and hypothesis. All theories involved to reach equilibrium are described in depth. The percent composition of the two acid and bases NaOH and KHP are also determined. ... More Details
Tags: Volumetric analysis vinegar analysis standardize molar concentrations lab 9 lab 10 chemistry ratios stoichiometry acid base t
Pages:  11
Works Cited: Yes
The Drinks and Bottling Industry in Europe    $40.00
The report looks at the beverage and bottling industry in Europe. There is an overview of market size and structure. It's broken down into 3 core categories: Alcohol, soft and hot drinks, & in turn these categories are subdivided (e.g. in hot drinks there is tea/coffee/chocolate/malted). There is a ranking of global beverage companies too. Sources include Mintel, Euromonitor, Beverage Industry Magazine and Hoovers.... More Details
Tags: beverage beverages drink drinks industry bottling europe european UK usa north america coca-cola pepsico tea coffe carbonated
Pages:  11
Works Cited: No
Managing Projects and Events: IDEO and TOYOTA    $22.00
This essay compare and contrast two companies - IDEO and Toyota. IDEO is an innovative firm that works on project based. Toyota, on the other hand, is well known for its lean production system and its culture that no other company in the world can follow. I spent the entire semester doing my research on these two companies, even reading the blogs of their staff. I hope you do enjoy reading this as much as my professor did. ... More Details
Tags: IDEO TOYOTA design thinking innovative system Toyota Way Lean system problem solving
Pages:  29
Works Cited: Yes
Operation Management: Zara    $18.00
This essay explains and shows how Zara's Operation system lead to its worldwide success and staying ahead of its competitors. ... More Details
Tags: Zara Operation Management Quality control Consumer success
Pages:  22
Works Cited: Yes
Consumer Behaviour: Case Study â Murphyâs Brewery Ireland, Limited    $18.00
This essay is based on a case study -- Murphy's Brewery Ireland, Limited. It shows how the company revise its global marketing plan, through understanding its consumers better than its competitors do. ... More Details
Tags: consumer behavior decision making decision making process
Pages:  12
Works Cited: Yes
Internal Revenue Service    $45.00
The Internal Revenue Service has overcome administrative challenges through the years but it continues to be faced with new issues. This article takes a look at current challenges and provides recommendations. Includes 7 sources. ... More Details
Tags: Internal Revenue Service report IRS challenges administrative challenges
Pages:  5
Works Cited: Yes
Cosmic Wars    $30.00
The report takes a look at wars that were waged in the name of God in the Old Testament. It also analyses how violence is justified for religious purposes throughout history. ... More Details
Tags: cosmic wars religious wars religious conflicts
Pages:  3
Works Cited: Yes
Aetna Inc.    $40.00
Research paper on Aetna, Inc. It is a company that has around 19 million members. This report takes a look at the firm's strategic vision. Includes 3 references. ... More Details
Tags: Aetna healthcare report Aetna business strategy Aetna healthcare business
Pages:  5
Works Cited: Yes
Crime Prevention, Drugs & Youth    $15.00
Report about the effects of drug use among the youth and in society. It also looks into how drug use has changed and what can be done about drug abuse. Contains 3 references. ... More Details
Tags: Youth and Crime Prevention Drugs and Youth Youth and Crime
Pages:  3
Works Cited: Yes
Brand Management. Samsung: Redefining a Brand    $18.00
This essay is an analysis of Samsung's re-branding to be positioned as a world class brand and how it's done globally, and how the Canada market is facing difficulties and how to overcome that. ... More Details
Tags: Brand Management Samsung Brand positioning Re-branding Product Mix
Pages:  34
Works Cited: Yes
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