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The current state of the Canadian Automotive Industry is one under intense external competition and environmental challenges. In actual sense the Canadian Automotive Industry is facing stiff competition from other global players especially from the Asian Continent manufacturers. (Nantais, 2007). At the moment there are about two dozen automotive companies from offshore that sell their products in Canadian territory. The Canadian Auto Industry is also faced with challenges of plant utilization. In the current state the 58 Canadian Automotive Plants are able to manufacture about 14.6 million units across the globe. (Nantais, 2007). Additionally their North American Plant not under capacity utilization as has be able to produce about 3.3 million automotive products which is just about what 13 assembly plants should producing when in full capacity management. ... More Details
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The American Workaholic and the inability for leisure    $45.00
Abstract Americans are believed to be workaholics to an extent that they lack leisure. Workaholics spend most of there time working that they cannot spare some time to have fun. Leisure is a free time that people use to recreate. I believe that by 2028 Americans will be workaholics and therefore will lack leisure. In this paper, I will discuss the background details on the problem of the selected topic. I will also discuss the current measure that are being taken and my prediction by the year 2028. The paper will also deal with the improvements and the solutions that will be made by the year 2028. ... More Details
Tags: The American Workaholic and the inability for leisure
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The American Dream focused on the imagination and the work of the American boys who had been trying to make their lives by working harder to achieve the best in life. There were many young people who are facing many challenges in their lives before they come to achieve their goals or their set targets. This was happening due to the certain challenges that were interfering with their ways of life like the political wars. There were people that come from different backgrounds for example there are the group of the rich people, the middle class and low class group. (Alger âFrom Ragged Dick,â) The poor, the homeless and the people had lost their parents also had a great problem in their lives that made Horatio Alger to be keen on their ways of lives. So he decided to inform people about what was happening around them by writing stories that give the life history of the people who are out there in the street trying to make a living in order to survive. He was very interested in writing the literature that talk about peopleâs life. (Corsi, The Dream âis deadâ) ... More Details
Pages:  6
Works Cited: Yes
Alternative Dispute Resolution    $45.00
Alternative Dispute Resolution is the process of settling problems outside the court room. There two common ways of Alternative Dispute Resolution are the arbitration and the mediation. Arbitration is the process where by one or more arbitrators hear the evidence from parties to dispute and then he will have to issue âawardâ that decides who is to get what. It usually goes only for a few hours and the suggestions are not recorded publicly. Arbitration could only take place if only the parties had greed for it to take place. (Nolan-Haley Alternative Dispute Resolution in a Nutshell) ... More Details
Tags: Alternative Dispute Resolution
Pages:  14
Works Cited: Yes
The international Auto industry is faced by six major economic indicators. These are    $45.00
The international Auto industry is faced by six major economic indicators. These are the Real GDP, Unemployment, Inflation rate as measure by the CPI, Foreign Exchange rate, Auto Sale and Oil and Fuel Prices. All these aspects have been varying across business cycles as indicated in the figure below. In the recent past there have been at least 10 cycles business cycles since the second world war in 1945, with more recent being a peak in January 1980, July 1981, July 199o and march 2001. The trough business cycles have recently occurred in July 1980, November 1982, March 1991 and November 2001. The highest number of cycles at the moment is 128 trough and peaks which occurred between Mach 1991 to November 2001. (Economic Research, Federal Bank of St. Louis, 2008.)... More Details
Tags: Auto Industry Economic Indicator Paper
Pages:  6
Works Cited: Yes
MATLAB Code that Does Image Segmentation    $45.00
Abstract The MATLAB code that does image segmentation is a code that will enable the user to detect images with homogenous colour regions. Its performance will be identified through application to the skin. The use of a rough skin direction vector is necessary instead of a skin model which is static. The formulation of the segmentation is done as a crisis which is clustered in the colour space. Modeling of a homogenous colour region in the image is done by the use of a 3D Gaussian distribution. After estimating the parameters of the Gaussians using the EM algorithm and spatial limitation, the transformation of the image is done by a whitening transform. The image is then practically done with a fuzzy K means algorithm to the colour value so as to attain the parameters for initializing the EM algorithm. In order to determine the clusters, a hierarchical approach that is decisive is used during the design of a MATLAB code that does image segmentation. ... More Details
Tags: MATLAB : Code: Image Segmentation; Algorithm
Pages:  23
Works Cited: No
How Divorce can affect Children    $15.00
This essay gives an insight on how divorce can affect a child growing up. Statistics and real life examples are given in the paper with citations. ... More Details
Tags: divorce children sociology socy100 college
Pages:  3
Works Cited: Yes
Education in China    $45.00
The Educational system in China has grown into a powerful and structured method giving students important lessons in both school subjects and social skills. The Modernization of Chinaâs education has brought the system to where it stands today with different levels of achievement ranging from preschool to professional degrees. Education in China has evolved through the decades and hardships to become quite organized and well-reformed to provide students with structured education through curriculum and discipline. ... More Details
Tags: Education in China Education China
Pages:  8
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The Vanishing American Vacation    $25.00
The American vacation is gradually disappearing. The term âworkaholicâ has become a common phrase in todayâs society. Americans are working more and therefore losing their connection with their families. Unfortunately, their lives are being ruled by their occupational stereotypes and corporate pressures, so they are refraining from taking all of their allotted days off. Even if employees do take their vacation, they never really have a break because financial issues loom over their heads and modern technology ensures that they are always connected with the office. Vacationing should be an essential in the workplace because of its physical and mental effects on the productivity and health of employees.... More Details
Tags: Vanishing American Vacation American Workforce
Pages:  4
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Percent Water in a hydrated salt - experiemnt 5    $40.00
This lab report was about determining the percent by water in a hydrated salt. This was done using a crucible and heated to determine the final mass. This process is explained in detail in the lab report and also explain why it was done in such a way. All theories explored to determine the mass are also in depth such as law of conservation of mass. The percent composition is also found for the salt and water. This essay received a 99% and is well deserved of it. ... More Details
Tags: Percent Hyrdrated Salt heating waters of crystilization salt anhydrous salt mass unknown
Pages:  10
Works Cited: Yes
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