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Human Resource Management    $15.00
This essay gives analyse an organization has HR issues that include company knowledge, poor relationship and culture. It also discuss further on how to overcome these key HR issues. More than 10 sources are used to write this essay. ... More Details
Tags: human resource knowledge culture relationship
Pages:  22
Works Cited: No
Club IT, Part 3    $15.00
Write a 1750 to 2100 word paper identifying technology solutions to the business problems at Clut IT you cited in your week Six analysis. Develop a technology plan, a proposal of your technology recommendations, for addressing those problems...... More Details
Tags: Week 9 Final Project Clut IT Part 3
Pages:  8
Works Cited: Yes
General Effects of Radiation on Everyday Life    $25.00
This is an essay that discusses the nature of radiation and radioactive particles and how humans are effected by them. It is a comprehensive research paper that explains the different types of radiation simply, and presents different proofs of how humans may or may not have misconceptions about the general effects of radiation in regards to cancer, poisoning, and health in general. ... More Details
Tags: Science radiation radioactive life cancer humans biology paranoia environment background radiation effects of radiation
Pages:  5
Works Cited: Yes
Book Report: The Egypt Code    $45.00
This is an 8 page (3400+ words) book report on "The Egypt Code". Multiple in text citations. It is well written with a 'personal' touch that is very believable when you turn it in. REMEMBER TO REARANGE IT TO YOUR TEACHER'S PREFERRED FORMAT (if she gave you one). I wrote this for an ancient history class and recieved a 100% grade (it also may work in a theology or astronomy class). The book was about the connection between astronomy and the culture of the ancient Egyptians. ... More Details
Tags: book report egypt history world ancient the code astronomy stars aliens UFOs egyptian culture religion theology
Pages:  12
Works Cited: Yes
The Atlantic Puffin    $45.00
This paper studies the Atlantic Puffin in detail, it history, characteristics and popular appeal to watch and in some cultures to hunt and eat.... More Details
Tags: Study of Birds
Pages:  15
Works Cited: Yes
Virgin of Essen: A Formal and Contextual Analysis    $26.00
This research paper was done for my Art History I course at a state university. It analyzes the Virgin of Essen (Golden Madonna of Essen) on a formal and contextual level, and also includes a lot of history. Every bit of this sculpture is analyzed-nothing's been left out. if you are doing a report on this work of art, this is a great source. I scored a 96 on this paper. Chicago Manual of Style was used.... More Details
Tags: virgin of essen golden madonna ancient art analyzation
Pages:  5
Works Cited: Yes
HIV/AIDS in Uganda    $45.00
The plans for curbing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Uganda have been more successful than in other African countries. It is important to derive practical lessons that can be applied in other countries with similar epidemic situations. Part of Ugandaâs success strategy has been the active involvement of the community, of NGOâs, and of the private and public sectors in advocacy efforts, preventive campaigns, and scaling of treatment with antiretroviral drugs. All of which have led to Uganda reducing itâs infectious rate of HIV/AIDS. Prevention of mother-to-child transmission has been given priority attention as well, but there is still insufficient coverage. With a devastating war that had escalated highly in Northern Uganda, violence and sexual abuse as well as lack of access to resources by people in need all pushed back the efforts in prevention. Maintaining adequate levels of awareness is more important now than ever before. Both the Government and non-governmental organizations think that awareness and education should go beyond the classical information dissemination on the methods of transmission of the virus, and ought to encompass as well issues related to access to treatment, and care of the orphans and youth living with HIV/AIDS. ... More Details
Tags: Uganda HIV AIDS HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS Education STDs HIV/AIDS Awareness
Pages:  13
Works Cited: Yes
The Personality of Modern Greeks: Psychology & Culture    $15.00
A 9 page research paper pertaining to the personalities of Greeks. It compares and contrasts different aspects between modern Greeks and ancient Greeks. Focuses on aspects of personality from a psychological stand point such as being extrovert or introvert. Discusses work values, population, life span, diversity and much more. This was used in a psychology class, but would probably work ok in a culture class too. Lots of sources used. Works cited included.... More Details
Tags: Greece Greeks Personality Modern Greeks psychology culture extrovert extroversion
Pages:  9
Works Cited: Yes
The Legend of Kappa: The Japanese Water Deity Transformed    $15.00
A 4.5 page - makes 5 pages when pictures are included. Discusses the Japanese mythical water creature called the Kappa and basially everything about it, as well as it\'s place in society and culture today. There are lengends/folklores included. This is your basic research paper with a lot of sources included. Works cited included.... More Details
Tags: The Kappa Kappa Japan Japanese culture culture water deity mythical creature legends folk religion folktales myths
Pages:  5
Works Cited: Yes
My Sniffy Report    $15.00
This is a paper written to explain my experiments with Sniffy The Virtual Rat computer software. I did a series of conditioning training, and extinction. This paper is about the results of my experiments. Paper is only 3 pages and one source which was my textbook. This paper was written for the psychology of learning class.... More Details
Tags: Sniffy Virtual Rat Psychology conditioning psychology of learning experimental extinction
Pages:  3
Works Cited: Yes
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