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The Last Gauntlet
This is a persuasive essay on the "evils" of religion from an atheist's viewpoint. It covers what religion's role is in the world, how it came into being, what terrible effects it has on society, and, most importantly, what we should do about it.
Class / Course: ENG50A
Year: 2002
Grade: 97
Keywords: religion atheist atheism
The shaped pattern of the teenage thought
psychology into the aspects of childrens life style and mode of thinking which affects them in various ways.
Class / Course: Eng201
Year: 2002
Grade: 65
Keywords: psychology of childrens thinking patterns
Class / Course: GRAD
Year: 2008
Grade: 100
A Look At Sylvia Plath and "The Applicant"
This report describes the dark life of Sylvia Plath and analyses one of her poems, "The Applicant", which portrays her bitter outlook on life. This work is cited with four sources.
Class / Course: Eng214
Year: 1997
Grade: 93
Keywords: Sylvia Plath The Applicant
Analysis of Poetry by Robert Frost
This is an essay which speaks analitically about Robert Frost's poetry.
Class / Course: Eng112
Year: 2003
Grade: 93
Keywords: Robert Frost
American Industrialization and Its Effects (1860-1900)
The Industrialization and rapid influx of immigrants in the late 19th century vastly changed both the social and economic atmospheres of a growing United States. Essay examines such changes and their immediate causes.
Class / Course: 2004
Year: 2004
Grade: 100
Keywords: american history united states industrialization immigrants 19th century
Compare and Contrast: 12 Angry Men and Crash Movies
Compare and contrast to the movies 12 Angry Men and Crash. This paper is about discrimination within minority groups.
Class / Course: SOC
Year: 2008
Grade: 95
Keywords: 12 angry men crash ethnic groups minorities sociology movie review
The Pre-World War II Rise of Fascist Governments
This essay discusses the pre-WWII rise of fascist governments in Europe. It analyzes and compares the rise of HItler in Germany, Stalin in Russia, and Mussolini in Italy. It discusses the pre-existing conditions that must be in place in order for a fasci
Class / Course: WrldHist
Year: 2001
Grade: 100
Keywords: Hitler Mussolini Stalin totalitarian nationalism propaganda fascist
Government Should Back Off
Editorial pushing the legalization of marijuana. Give facts to back up opinions.
Class / Course: JOURN
Year: 2002
Grade: 98
Keywords: legalization of marijuana
Massacre at Beecher Island
Informative essay about the history of the Massacre at Beecher Island and those involved.
Class / Course: HIST101
Year: 2001
Grade: 85
Keywords: American History at Beecher Island
Sullivan's Civilized Capital Punishment
This is a critique of John O'Sullivan's Article "Deadly Stakes: The Debate over Capital Punishment". It's quite a good argument for capital punishment and reflects both sides of the issue. If you need to write a critique or response to an article or just a paper for capital punishment, this is for you. You can find this article all over the net so I decided not to include it in the final paper. Thanks!
Class / Course: ENG112
Year: 2010
Grade: 100
Keywords: Johm O'Sullivan Capital Punishment critique death sentence
âA Man said to the universeâ
This is a brief analysis of the poem "A Man Said to the Universe" by Stephen Crane. This is my own interpretation of the message I believe Crane is trying to deliver o his readers.
Class / Course: LIT102
Year: 2002
Grade: 90
Keywords: a man said to the universe poem stephen crane crane steven analysis description
War on Drugs Prevalent in American Society
The ongoing problem with teenage drug use in modern American society and how it is spreading at an alarming rate is the subject of this research essay in which drugs such as cocaine, MDMA or ecstacy, and heroin are all depicted in this essay.
Class / Course: ENG102
Year: 2003
Grade: 94
Keywords: teens and Drugs ecstacy suburbs war crime cocaine
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