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Determination of Density    $25.00
A determination of density lab report for general chemistry I. Includes introduction, experimental, results, calculations, and discussion/conclusion sections.... More Details
Tags: Determination of Density lab report
Pages:  4
Works Cited: No
DNA Fingerprinting    $20.00
How science impacts our society... More Details
Tags: DNA Fingerprinting
Pages:  2
Works Cited: No
Reaction of alcohols    $20.00
This is just a lad report for some of the basic reactions of alcohols. Suitable for those who have just started learning about the types and properties alcohols.... More Details
Tags: alcohols
Pages:  4
Works Cited: No
A Letter To A Celebrated Scientist : Fritz Haber    PaperSafe Verified Essay $20.00
A chemistry assignment where I had to write a letter to a celebrated scientist to tell him how I admired his work. I chose Fritz Haber, the guy who came up with the Haber process.... More Details
Tags: A Letter To A Celebrated Scientist Fritz Haber
Pages:  2
Works Cited: No
Caffeine: A Chemical Analysis    $25.00
This is a detailed report about the physical and chemical properties, producton and application of caffeine. It would make a very nice assignment.... More Details
Tags: chemistry caffeine caffiene chemical report analysis process
Pages:  7
Works Cited: Yes
Oxygen    $12.00
Oxygen is one of the most abundant and important elements to humans. This is an short expository paper on the uses and chemistry of this element.... More Details
Tags: chemistry oxygen periodic table
Pages:  1
Works Cited: No
Perfume Making    $10.00
Making perfume on your own helps you save time, money, effort and even earn profit from it. The following procedures in this essay teaches you how to formulate and earn from your personalized perfume.... More Details
Tags: perfume making perfume oil eau de toilette eau de parfum colognes EDT EDP
Pages:  3
Works Cited: No
Organelle Functions and Analogies    $15.00
This is a research/report chemistry paper on all of the organelles in the body and what the functions of each organelle are in the body. ... More Details
Tags: chemistry report science report chemistry paper science paper organelles organs chromosomes cells cell membranes cytoplasm ch
Pages:  6
Works Cited: No
The Chemistry of Vision    PaperSafe Verified Essay $12.00
Short report paper on the Chemistry behind Vision. Gives a brief history about vision, primary information, chemical aspects and some supplemental information. Primary source was Wikipedia. Paper was for Gen Chem II.... More Details
Tags: vision eyes sight chemistry chem how works a e i o u y
Pages:  2
Works Cited: No
Does caffeine lead to psychological dependence?    $12.00
draws conclusions regarding the possible psychological dependence of caffeine -- from an organic chemistry POV... More Details
Tags: caffeine addiction chemical chemistry
Pages:  2
Works Cited: No
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