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How did the Vichy regime manage to gain control in France in 1940?    $15.00
This paper focuses on an analysis of the Vichy Regime that ruled France during World War II, and it focuses on deciphering why the Vichy Regime came to power in France during WWII, and it argues the underlying causes that lead to such a result. The paper itself is a thorough research investigation laid in in several parts that identifies the goal of the paper, the evidence given, and the conclusion--that Vichy France was a result of a dazed and uninformed population.... More Details
Tags: Vichy Regime France World War II Argumentative Research Paper
Pages:  7
Works Cited: Yes
Human Rights Violations in Tibet    $40.00
Human Rights Violations in Tibet. Explains all of the cruel things the government and groups do to people in Tibet.... More Details
Tags: Tibet Human Rights Violation
Pages:  7
Works Cited: Yes
Fred Banting-Founder of Insulin    $15.00
This essay revolves around the life of Fredrick Banting and the role her played in inventing insulin. The hard times Fred faced and how he came about to be as successful as he had been is elaborated in the essay. ... More Details
Tags: Fredrick Banting-Founder of Insulin
Pages:  5
Works Cited: No
Sir James Douglas-Father of British Columbia    $15.00
This essay is about James Douglas and his life and what impact/role he played in the formation of British Columbia. Going from his role in the Hudson Bay Company to his raging temper, this essay will give an insight of knowledgeable information that will help you further understand anything you wish to know about James Douglas... More Details
Tags: James Douglas
Pages:  7
Works Cited: No
Russia    $20.00
A brief history of Russia... More Details
Tags: Russia Slavs
Pages:  3
Works Cited: Yes
Comparing and contrasting the French and American Revolutions    $20.00
A comparison as well as contrasting factors about the french and american revolutionary wars.... More Details
Tags: American and French revolutions
Pages:  4
Works Cited: Yes
What caused the growth of the Church did persecution play a role in its growth?    PaperSafe Verified Essay $20.00
This paper examines the fall of the western Roman Empire and the massive growth of the then young Christian Church. Using the Edward Gibbon's book as a basis.... More Details
Tags: Church christian roman empire Gibbon decline and fall
Pages:  8
Works Cited: Yes
Civil Rights Bill of 1875    PaperSafe Verified Essay $15.00
The Civil Rights Bill of 1875, and Constitutional issues it created, specifically with the 10th and 14th amendments.... More Details
Tags: Civil Rights bil 1875 U.S. History 14th 10th Fourteenth Amendment Constitution Tenth Amendment
Pages:  3
Works Cited: No
Vietnam and American Involvement    PaperSafe Verified Essay $20.00
This essay gives a brief history of Vietnam prior to U.S. involvement, it also goes into the escalation of the U.S. involvement into a full on war.... More Details
Tags: Vietnam China Vietnamization Ho Chi Minh France French American North South Korean American War Battle History
Pages:  11
Works Cited: Yes
Hundred Flowers Campaign    PaperSafe Verified Essay $40.00
Analysis of the Hundred Flowers campaign in China and its effects on intellectuals in China.... More Details
Tags: Hundred Flowers Campaign First Amendment Intellectuals China KU Mao cultural revolution industrial revolution
Pages:  9
Works Cited: Yes
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