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What were the Consequences of the Wall Street Crash?    $15.00
This essay is about the Political, Economic and International Consequences of Wall Street Crash. Each Paragraph highlights a different point and consequence of the Wall Street Crash, also giving a brief Summary of the Wall Street Crash altogether.... More Details
Tags: Wall Street Crash Consequences World War Hitler Hoover Great Depression Stock Market Political Economic International
Pages:  2
Works Cited: No
How fair do you agree that the Treaty of Versailles was unfair on Germany?    $15.00
This essay is about whether or not the agreements on the Treaty of Versailles was fair on Germany. It goes in to detail about the effects and the consequences including Hyperinflation, Land Losses and Military Losses. ... More Details
Tags: Treaty of Versailles Germany World War 1 Clemenceau Wilson Lloyd George Unfair Paris Peace Conference
Pages:  2
Works Cited: No
In what ways were the aims of Clemenceau, Wilson and Lloyd George different at the Pa    $15.00
This essay explains the Aims and differences of the Big 3 Clemenceau, Woodrow Wilson and Lloyd George during the Paris Peace Conference. Each Paragraph explains a bit about each Person before moving on to the aims and their differences.... More Details
Tags: Paris Peace Conference Clemenceau Wilson Lloyd George World War 1 Versailles Treaty Of Versailles Germany France Britain Engl
Pages:  1
Works Cited: No
The American Dream focused on the imagination and the work of the American boys who had been trying to make their lives by working harder to achieve the best in life. There were many young people who are facing many challenges in their lives before they come to achieve their goals or their set targets. This was happening due to the certain challenges that were interfering with their ways of life like the political wars. There were people that come from different backgrounds for example there are the group of the rich people, the middle class and low class group. (Alger “From Ragged Dick,”) The poor, the homeless and the people had lost their parents also had a great problem in their lives that made Horatio Alger to be keen on their ways of lives. So he decided to inform people about what was happening around them by writing stories that give the life history of the people who are out there in the street trying to make a living in order to survive. He was very interested in writing the literature that talk about people’s life. (Corsi, The Dream “is dead”) ... More Details
Pages:  6
Works Cited: Yes
Jim Crow Laws    $15.00
Explain what were the Jim Crow Laws and what significant cases lead to the end of them?... More Details
Tags: history black jim crow laws law plessy vs. ferguson 1896 amendments civil rights railroads buses unconstitutional unequal sep
Pages:  3
Works Cited: Yes
The Cold War    $15.00
For the second half of the 20th century, U.S. foreign policy was dominated by the fear of Communism. Trace the rise of the Cold War, how it influenced foreign and domestic policies, and how Americans felt about Communism. Describe at least three US military conflicts that occurred during the Cold War and their consequences. Name the key individuals involved in each.... More Details
Tags: cold war mccarthy McCarthyism 1945 manhattan project soviet russia united states stalin japan truman propaganda communism sen
Pages:  6
Works Cited: No
The 20th Century On the High Rise    $15.00
Trace the rise of popular culture at the turn of the 20th century, taking into account music, art, literature, amusements, and sports. Who were the leading figures in the rise of popular culture during this time? Cite at least four specific examples. What does popular culture tell us about Americans during this period of time?... More Details
Tags: 20th century rise history 157 ford industrialism technology jazz music popular culture art literature america
Pages:  4
Works Cited: No
Changes and Adaptations in Primate Locomotion    $40.00
Discusses changes and adaptations of primates locomotion thru evolution. Shows a variety of bi-pedal adaptations. References evolutionary grades and cites specific primates such as Lemur, Sifika, Tarsier, Monkey. Full bibliography and photos taken by me which you can claim.... More Details
Tags: Primate Bipedal Locomotion Anthropology Evolution
Pages:  12
Works Cited: Yes
The GI Bill: History and Progress during WWII    $45.00
This is an in depth analysis of the GI BIll, it's effect on history and how it has improved and increased the number of veterans that go to college. Includes 16 double spaced pages and numerous citations from scholarly journals. Written in APA Style. ... More Details
Pages:  16
Works Cited: Yes
Big Brother to the Rescue: The Span-American War    $20.00
This is basically a research report on the Spanish-American War I had to in history. My teacher praised my word choices, and said that the essay was well-written. This was a report for the school term, so it took a long time to research and write.... More Details
Tags: Spain Cuba America Treaty of Paris Spanish-American War war isolationsim Theodore Roosevelt Rough Riders Santiago Puerto Rico
Pages:  5
Works Cited: Yes
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