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Stopping Dehumanization: Lessons from the Holocaust    $20.00
An analysis of the Holocaust that draws from Wiesel's "Night", and of modern history. The writing is quite exciting yet formal, and it centers around themes of the Holocaust.... More Details
Tags: holocaust night elie wiesel jews jewish nazi german world war 2 wwii dehumanization evil camps light books torture competitio
Pages:  4
Works Cited: No
A Story Untold    $25.00
A stunning character analysis and historic theme analysis of one of the less popular characters, John Buford, in the book. Sure to get you a wonderful grade and prove to the professor that you know your stuff. Worth the price, you will be very satisfied.... More Details
Tags: United States History Civil War One Analysis Character The Killer Angels Michael Shaara
Pages:  5
Works Cited: Yes
The Legacy of John Adams    $30.00
Biographical Essay on john Adams. Including his historical significance, birth/youth, his 'mature' years, 'retirement' years/death, and his historical legacy.... More Details
Tags: John Adams
Pages:  4
Works Cited: No
Scapegoats: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg    $26.99
This paper explores the case of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg through historical context, public opinion across the US and abroad through primary source research, concluding that they were found guilty by association, convicted as scapegoats. 10 sources: 8 primary, 2 secondary.... More Details
Tags: Julius Ethel Rosenberg Rosenbergs Communist Party Sing Sing Rosenberg Case atomic bomb spy spies Soviet Soviet Union
Pages:  10
Works Cited: Yes
The Failure of Socialism in America    $24.99
This paper is a first, shorter (9 pgs) draft of a second, longer (14 pgs) revision of a paper covering the Socialist Party's influence on the rise of Progressivism in early 20th century America. 7 sources.... More Details
Tags: Socialist Party Twentieth Century Eugene V Debs voting rank and file Wilson Taft Omaha Platform Sixteenth Seventeenth Amendme
Pages:  9
Works Cited: Yes
To Agitate or Acquiesce? The Debate Surrounding The Socialist Party in Early 20th Cen    $29.99
Takes a look at the rise and eventual fall of the Socialist Party in early 20th century America, focusing on Eugene V. Debs; also covers the adoption of Progressivism by mainstream Republican and Democratic parties Eugene Debs. 14 pages double-spaced; 18 sources: 15 primary, 3 secondary.... More Details
Tags: Socialist Party Twentieth Century Eugene V Debs voting rank and file Wilson Taft Omaha Platform Sixteenth Seventeenth Amendme
Pages:  14
Works Cited: Yes
Bartolomé de Las Casas: An Advocate of Indian Rights    $28.00
For the prompt, we were asked to choose a primary source from the 16th century that discusses freedom in some way. I chose History of the Indes by Bartolome de Las Casas, a novel that condemns the Spanish for their cruel treatment of the indigenous Americans. This essay discusses Las Casas, his book, and the impact it had in the 16th century.... More Details
Tags: Bartolome de Las Casas Indians Spanish Spanish Colonization History of the Indies
Pages:  4
Works Cited: Yes
The Impact of the American Revolution on Native Americans    $28.00
This is an essay on how the American Revolution impacted the Native Americans. The prompt was to write how the Revolution impacted certain groups of people, and I chose Native Americans. Well-researched, well-written, scholarly sources in MLA format, and in-text citations. I spent about 15 hours on this essay, from researching to the final product.... More Details
Tags: Native Americans American Revolution United States freedom
Pages:  4
Works Cited: Yes
Maoist Foreign Policy in Communist China    PaperSafe Verified Essay $15.00
An essay on the various foreign policies implemented by chairman Mao in the Peoples Republic of China. ... More Details
Tags: Mao Peoples republic of china communism foreign policy
Pages:  8
Works Cited: No
Government's Role in Civil Rights    PaperSafe Verified Essay $15.00
This paper compares two different author's views on the government's role in the civil rights movement. The two authors compared are Steven Lawson ( "Debating the Civil Rights Movement: The View from the Nation" in Debating the Civil Rights Movement, 1945-1968, second edition ) and Ira Katznelson ( "When Affirmative Action Was White: An Untold Story of Racial Inequality in Twentieth-Century America" ). Each author takes a different position on the government's role.... More Details
Tags: civil rights government role segregation higher education racism
Pages:  6
Works Cited: Yes
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