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Gender Differences in Double Standards: A Synopsis RES 341    $15.00
RES341 Week 1 Individual Current Business Research Project Paper Use the Internet or other resources to find an example of a research article in a professional journal of interest to you, and not in daily periodicals or weekly publications. Prepare a 350-700-word synopsis of the article including the following: a. Define the business research and its purpose. b. Explain the business problem(s) under investigation. c. Identify the parties involved in conducting the research. Describe the method(s) used to conduct the research project. Note: This research article must be one that lends it self to analysis; so, it must have a hypothesis that was tested. Be critical. Question how the subjects were chosen or how the data was gathered. This is an analytical paper and is graded as such. Describe the paper, but the focus should be an analysis of the study’s use of statistics and sound research practices. Challenge, when possible. The idea is to look at the study with a critical eye. Remember that simply giving a synopsis of the paper will NOT get you a good grade. What is key here is that your analysis be of the statistical research methods, NOT of the topic itself.... More Details
Tags: Current Business Research Project Paper Gender Differences in Double Standards: A Synopsis RES341
Pages:  4
Works Cited: Yes
“Power Play for Howard” Case Study MGT 445    $20.00
MGT 445 Week 2 Learning Team Case Study Analysis Part A: “Power Play for Howard” Resource: “Power Play for Howard” case study Prepare a 1,050- to 2,100-word case analysis of “Power Play for Howard” located in Negotiation: Readings, Exercises, and Cases. Address the following in your analysis: • Briefly summarize the case. • Evaluate the benefits (tangible and intangible), costs, and risks associated with negotiating Juwan Howard’s free agent contract from the perspective of Juwan Howard and both teams’ general managers. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Please note: Peer evaluations are not required, however if there is a member of your group that is not contributing as he or she should, please submit an evaluation. Grades will be adjusted based on evaluations of group members of a student that is no fully participating. I take this matter very seriously in this class. All evaluations are confidential. ... More Details
Tags: “Power Play for Howard” Case Study MGT 445
Pages:  6
Works Cited: Yes
Negotiation Strategy: Miami School District MGT 445    $20.00
MGT 445 Week 4 Individual Miami School District Negotiation Paper Prepare a 1,400- to 2,100-word paper in which you analyze the following scenario: The Miami school district has announced that because of unexpected increases in enrollment, school boundaries for the upcoming year will be redrawn. The school board has hired experts to redraw school boundaries to be submitted for next year. Under this plan, many students will not be able to stay at their present school. Upon hearing this, parents start voicing their objections to the school board about the proposed plan for the following reasons: • Quality of education • Increased travel time • Crossing economic and cultural boundaries • Affect on property values • Social affects on children Develop a plan to address stakeholders’ concerns. Determine the following: • Who are the stakeholders? • What negotiation strategy do you use to support the school board’s need to redraw the boundaries while addressing the concerns of the stakeholders? • How do ethics and culture affect your decision? Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. ... More Details
Tags: Negotiation Strategy: Miami School District MGT 445
Pages:  9
Works Cited: Yes
Negotiation Strategy Analysis MGT 445    $15.00
MGT 445 Week 3 Individual Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis Use the Electronic Reserve Readings link for the course, the Internet, or other resources to find at least two articles that describe a negotiation situation that employs different negotiation strategies. Describe the negotiation processes used in your selected articles. Compare and contrast those two strategies and how they might apply in your work setting. 1,050 word minimum. Be sure to state the titles of your articles within the paper. . ... More Details
Tags: Negotiation Strategy Analysis MGT 445
Pages:  8
Works Cited: Yes
Communication and Personality in Negotiations MGT 445    $20.00
Week One MGT 445 Individual Communication and Personality in Negotiation Paper Prepare a 1,050- to 1,750- word paper in which you describe a negotiation situation that you have participated in . In your paper, analyze the roles of communication and personality in negotiation and how they contributed to or detracted from the negotiation.... More Details
Tags: Communication and Personality in Negotiations MGT 445
Pages:  8
Works Cited: Yes
Accounting Cycle Paper    $35.00
This paper is about the accounting cycle. The paper will discuss the cycle in detail as well as people, processes, and systems that are integral to the cycle'... More Details
Tags: Accounting Cycle Paper
Pages:  5
Works Cited: Yes
Business Strategy for Video Rental Company: Online Business Expansion Proposal    $20.00
Expanding one's business has always been every entrepreneur's dream. Physically, this has become almost impossible given the limitations of space that have been fueled by population explosions.The good new is that, now businessmen can expand their business even beyond their national borders. All this is attributed to the internet which has opened avenues for. online shopping.This proposal attempts to justify why this video rental company needs and online expansion of its business. ... More Details
Tags: Online
Pages:  14
Works Cited: Yes
Is it possible to talk of employee participation free markets?    $20.00
Employee participation is almost impossible profit oriented businesses ... More Details
Tags: Profit maximizationemployee participation financial participation productivity aggregate employment
Pages:  4
Works Cited: Yes
INTERNSHIP    $20.00
internships are one of the ways throgh which students get an opportunity to apply the knowledge they gained in school. they equip students with the knowledge they require to survive in the real working environment because they increase the chances of one being employed, they help one improve his work ethics and also give students a chance to be confident in their lines of work. ... More Details
Tags: experienceswork employment graduates internshipskills work ethics
Pages:  12
Works Cited: Yes
several theorists have come up with theories to describe organization. while those of the past believed an effective organization structure was as effective as people would fit into the system,current theorists state that organizational structure and the social and environment are related. one way of explaining organization structure according to current theorists is through a model developed by Prof. Henry Mintzbeg who highlighted the main organization forms to be entrepreneural, machine, professioanl, divisional and adhocracy organization... More Details
Tags: Supervisionperformance organizationduties sectorstheories structure
Pages:  5
Works Cited: Yes
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