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Taking Action    $25.00
This is an essay I wrote last year. I argue that the biggest social problem affecting us today is a heavy reliance on fossil fuels and not enough clean renewable energy sources.I use two articles in my paper and argue that each of us needs to take action to shift away from nonrenewable resources. I received an A on this paper.... More Details
Tags: renewable energy oil crisis wind solar geothermal tidal waves social problems cars transportation food global industry petrol
Pages:  4
Works Cited: No
Water Inequality    $25.00
This is an argument/research paper I wrote last year on water inequality and how it is affecting people in third world countries. I also discuss what is causing these water shortages and how we can eliminate them. I received an A on this paper. It contains 4 sources.... More Details
Tags: water inequality third world country climate change global warming oil renewable nonrenewable conservation drought saving en
Pages:  4
Works Cited: Yes
Landfill Leachate    $30.00
This is a research paper I wrote last year on Landfill Leachate. This is a big environmental concern as more and more waste is produced every year. It can affect air quality, water quality and soil quality. If you're looking for a good research paper for an environmental issue then this paper is for you. I received an A on this paper. It contains 6 sources.... More Details
Tags: landfill leachate environmental issues recycling waste water trash garbage politics design renewable clean research paper che
Pages:  8
Works Cited: Yes
Isaac Newton    $30.00
Isaac Newton was one of the grandfathers of modern physics. His work in optics paved the way for all that has come since. He was something of an odd fellow, not above pettiness, and immaturity. But nonetheless a giant in his own right.... More Details
Tags: Isaac Newton optics physics
Pages:  9
Works Cited: No
If I Were Leader of the Free World, the First Issue I Would Address Would be...    $15.00
This essay is about what the first issue I would address would be if I were leader of the USA. The first issue that I would address would be energy issues and pollution issues. ... More Details
Tags: speech if i were leader of the free world pollution energy renewable energy resource resources solar power solar energy ocean
Pages:  2
Works Cited: No
Conserving Energy: The Dangers of Gasoline    $35.00
This paper summarizes the danger of gasoline fumes in the home. This paper shows ways to conserve energy by safely storing gasoline and finding new methods other than gasoline to produce energy.... More Details
Tags: Conservation gasoline fumes fumes in the home danger of gasoline
Pages:  5
Works Cited: Yes
The Second Rainbow    $15.00
This essay describes the way a double rainbow is formed and gives background on general rainbow formation and properties of light.... More Details
Tags: double rainbow light spectrum
Pages:  4
Works Cited: Yes
Renewable Energy    $15.00
This four-page paper, constructed for an Environmental Biology course, takes a look at renewable energy. This paper examines why we need renewable energy, the environmental, economic, and security-related effects of energy sources, and provides some examples and benefits of such sources. There are four references used in this paper.... More Details
Tags: Environmental Biology Renewable Energy sources windmills hydroelectric power solar energy
Pages:  4
Works Cited: Yes
10 Scientists That Changed The World    $15.00
This is a biographical report on 10 scientists that I believe helped form our modern 21st Century society. Scientists include Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, Charles Babbage, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, Enrico Fermi, Alessandro Volta, Luigi Galvani, and Alexander Graham Bell. 7 of the scientists have roughly 1 1/2 pages while the rest have roughly 1/2 a page.... More Details
Tags: scientist biographies 10 albert einstein louis pasteur charles babbage thomas edison nikola tesla marie curie enrico fermi al
Pages:  10
Works Cited: No
Diagnosis and Treatment    $20.00
diagnostics of autism ... More Details
Tags: Diagnosis and Treatment
Pages:  6
Works Cited: Yes
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