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This article focusses on relation between social factors and aggression.... More Details
Pages:  1
Works Cited: No
Europe and Immigration    $15.00
This is an essay that talks about trends in migration in Europe and how Western Europe countries have put hurdles for the immigrants. ... More Details
Tags: immigration in Europe
Pages:  1
Works Cited: Yes
Underage Drinking    $30.00
This is an essay that focuses on adolescent alcohol abuse and the dangers that they put themselves into. ... More Details
Tags: Underage drinking
Pages:  7
Works Cited: Yes
Christian Anti-Semitism Before The Holocaust    $20.00
Explains how Christian prosecution of Jews eventually led to the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust.... More Details
Tags: anti-semitism before the holocaust blamed for jesus christ death middle ages black plauge tsarist russia france dreyfus affai
Pages:  5
Works Cited: Yes
How Might Gay Fathers Provide a Cultural Resource for Heterosexual Couples?    $45.00
The essay answers the question :How Might Gay Fathers Provide a Cultural Resource for Heterosexual Couples?, by researching the studies done on same sex parenting. It weighs both pro and con views on same sex families by considering the data gathered in the above mentioned studies. A heavy emphasis is placed on what heterosexual parents may learn from gay couples. Along the way expressions such as 'de-gendered parenting, conscious parenting and gender roles' are defined. The conclusion suggests that the well-being of the children is the top priority, regardless of the sexual orientation of the parents, because in the end, their orientation does not influence the children in any negative way and it also suggests that not all heterosexual couples are better parents than all homosexual ones. ... More Details
Tags: Homosexuality fatherhood gay children sexual orientation parenting degendered gender role couple stereotype prejudice wellfa
Pages:  13
Works Cited: Yes
The essay offers thorough explanations of what masculinity and fatherhood are and elaborates the difference between gender and biological sex. Then it researches the stereotyped image of masculinity presented by the media and how it affects boys and men. Consequently, the connection between these stereotyped male characteristics and the crisis in masculinity and fatherhood is made. ... More Details
Tags: men masculinity fatherhood crisis male gender gender order society identity sex biological traits orientation media behavior
Pages:  10
Works Cited: Yes
The Amish Microculture and Nonverbal Communication    PaperSafe Verified Essay $15.00
This essay gives a brief history on the Amish, and how they function as a microculture. It focuses on the types of nonverbal communication used among the Amish, and how these types of nonverbal communication are unique within this microculture.... More Details
Tags: amish culture nonverbal communication microculture
Pages:  4
Works Cited: Yes
This piece of creative writing received an A+ grade. It is a short novella written as an extension to the book 'Atonement' by acclaimed British author Ian McEwan. For those who enjoyed the book 'Atonement', this novella is sure to entertain as well as provide a more in-depth summary of the interaction between Paul Marshall and Lola Quincey. The novella is written in the style of Ian McEwan's writing. It is beautiful yet macabre. ... More Details
Tags: atonement lola quincey paul marshall fiction creative writing ian mcewan literature rape underage millionaire
Pages:  4
Works Cited: No
Males have it Harder    $15.00
This is a public opinion essay that depicts why guys have it harder in society than girls. This essay gives different examples of how girls have an easier life in today's society than their male counterparts.... More Details
Tags: Males guys girls opinion editorial newspaper sociology society
Pages:  2
Works Cited: No
The Plug-In Drug    $35.00
Many children view television every day, and many parents do not understand the effects that television has on their children. Television effects the child's development because it increases aggression, risky behaviour, obesity, and learning difficulties. Television has also been blamed for perpetuating gender and racial stereotypes.... More Details
Tags: children and the effects of television
Pages:  19
Works Cited: Yes
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