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Assessments and young children    $15.00
there are four sources cited in APA format. it compares and contrasts two different types of assessments for children.... More Details
Tags: assessments and young children
Pages:  4
Works Cited: Yes
Education in China    $45.00
The Educational system in China has grown into a powerful and structured method giving students important lessons in both school subjects and social skills. The Modernization of Chinaâs education has brought the system to where it stands today with different levels of achievement ranging from preschool to professional degrees. Education in China has evolved through the decades and hardships to become quite organized and well-reformed to provide students with structured education through curriculum and discipline. ... More Details
Tags: Education in China Education China
Pages:  8
Works Cited: Yes
HIV/AIDS in Uganda    $45.00
The plans for curbing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Uganda have been more successful than in other African countries. It is important to derive practical lessons that can be applied in other countries with similar epidemic situations. Part of Ugandaâs success strategy has been the active involvement of the community, of NGOâs, and of the private and public sectors in advocacy efforts, preventive campaigns, and scaling of treatment with antiretroviral drugs. All of which have led to Uganda reducing itâs infectious rate of HIV/AIDS. Prevention of mother-to-child transmission has been given priority attention as well, but there is still insufficient coverage. With a devastating war that had escalated highly in Northern Uganda, violence and sexual abuse as well as lack of access to resources by people in need all pushed back the efforts in prevention. Maintaining adequate levels of awareness is more important now than ever before. Both the Government and non-governmental organizations think that awareness and education should go beyond the classical information dissemination on the methods of transmission of the virus, and ought to encompass as well issues related to access to treatment, and care of the orphans and youth living with HIV/AIDS. ... More Details
Tags: Uganda HIV AIDS HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS Education STDs HIV/AIDS Awareness
Pages:  13
Works Cited: Yes
Sensitive Periods    $15.00
In this Rssay you will find the detailed Explanation on the child the first stage of development as described by Montessori, and how this knowledge of the child influences our work with children. Phase from Birth to Six Sub Phase from Three to Six Sensitive Periods UNCONSCIOUS & CONSCIOUS MIND and more... More Details
Tags: Montessori Assignment
Pages:  10
Works Cited: No
Corporal Punishment    $20.00
A position piece on corporal punishment and discipline in schools. Position taken is that corporal punishment has no place in public schools.... More Details
Tags: coporal punishment position piece child abuse education discipline child development violence cognitive ability compliance sp
Pages:  2
Works Cited: Yes
the higher education system of Australia has improved greatly because it has paved way for the Australian students to be on the international platform. through globalization, the need for speedy transfer of information as well as its sharing, and the adoption of modern education standards has resulted in a lot of transformations in the education sector.globalization has enabled Australian students to be able to adapt to learning in other institutions apart from those that exist in their own country. additionally, it has enabled them to be able to work in other countries apart from their own. ... More Details
Tags: Globalization education intrnational
Pages:  14
Works Cited: Yes
Exit questions    $20.00
elaborated are the answers for the questions asked as far as the course on the Chinese execution act is concerned... More Details
Tags: Grade deseve learn debvelopment course importance knowledge skill
Pages:  6
Works Cited: Yes
Essay Questions    $20.00
Over reliance on petroleum as a source of energy has been faced with a lot of challenges due to the imminent global warming. For this reason, many countries are investing into alternative sources of energy because of their renewability, and the fact that they do not contribute to global warming. Unlike other countries, America has not been on the forefront of eliminating the use of petroleum as a source of energy. War is never the best way to solve conflicts. As seen in Libyaâs case, wars result in loss of jobs because foreign investors pull out of a country when insecurity ensues. Additionally wars result in deaths that lead to the loss of very skillful workforce of a given country. With fighting, people are always on the run, there is no time to work and eventually, poverty sets in. economically, the war in Libya has hindered the exploitation of oil leading to fuel hikes because the supply of oil is less than its demand. On the political scene, a country that is affected by war is normally left in the hand of rebels or the army who lead it dictatorially causing further deterioration of the country. Countries that use the euro as a currency are said to be in the euro zone.these countries faced a major economic crisis during the year 2010 because of the differences in their policies; whereas Greece has a high level of wage growth, Germany and other northern countries relied more on exports for economic such, northern countries have had surpluses in their reserve while Greece has encountered massive debts. ... More Details
Tags: energy global warming renewable energy war conflicts employment. death poverty fuel hikes peace
Pages:  7
Works Cited: Yes
Student recruitment is normally done to present candidates to a client for a price, or enroll him in a higher academic profile that will yield higher retention rates. For colleges that are preparing to recruit new students, a number of preparations must be made. The process begins with assessing the experiences of the students before college through primary and high school, besides other universities. The final procedure includes improving the education level of teachers and the admission of students in public schools so that the graduating teachers are well prepared. The Education College improves teacher education and public school admission, including graduation of better-prepared science and math teacher... More Details
Tags: choosing college teacher graduate interst rates client assessing college capacity admiited recruitment qualify courses.
Pages:  2
Works Cited: Yes
The Psychological Effects of Studying Abroad on People Who Come to the United States:    $20.00
The psychological stress affecting students who study abroad mainly arises from the intercultural gap. The demand for students to adjust to new cultures increases their levels of loneliness and stress. According to some authors, the psychological stress for these students is linked to cultural shock that arise because of the cultural differences in different parts of the world. Additionally, psychological stress for students who travel abroad can heighten their level of loneliness and thus reduce their level of functioning. In view of the above, intercultural training and provision of mental health services to the students should be enhanced to reduce the problem... More Details
Tags: Psychological stressors study abroadintercultural gap loneliness functioning
Pages:  4
Works Cited: Yes
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