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Dominance Of An Individual’s Family In A Collectivist Culture    $25.00
This essay will discuss family involvement in personal decisions of individuals in collectivist cultures. Due to the inherent nature of collectivism, an individual’s family in a collectivist culture tends to take control over most of his/her personal decisions. Three such categories of these major decisions of which this essay will discuss are careers, marriage and relationships, and religion and morals.... More Details
Tags: Collectivist Collectivism Culture Individualism Family Relationships
Pages:  9
Works Cited: No
Chinese Border and Territorial Disputes, As Seen in the Spratly Islands, Senkaku Isla    $25.00
This paper covers China's border disputes. Examples are Taiwan, Senkaku and Spratly Islands, and historic examples of Sino-Soviet and Sino-Indian conflicts. Has 13 sources in the bibliography.... More Details
Tags: Peoples Republic of China Border Taiwan Senkaku Spratly Sino-Soviet Geography Sino-Indian
Pages:  12
Works Cited: Yes
Cultural Constructions of Gender and Cultural Constructions of the Body    $25.00
Using the case study of the feminine gender constructs in North India, this essay shows that the construction is society-specific.... More Details
Tags: gender body childbirth north india hindu female
Pages:  6
Works Cited: Yes
“Holy men of Islam and Christianity “    PaperSafe Verified Essay $35.00
I had to use 3 sources for this term paper, which includes in-text citation and a reference page. ... More Details
Tags: HOLY MEN ISLAMCHRISTIANITY John the Baptist Prophet Muhammad
Pages:  7
Works Cited: Yes
An introduction to anti social behaviour laws via comparison of current innovations in Britain and Australia. Delves into health studies demonstrating the effects of these laws and their successes. Delves into morality and cultural debates.... More Details
Tags: behaviour law social order crime disorder parenting order
Pages:  10
Works Cited: Yes
The Effect of Lyrics in Music on Society    $25.00
This essay is on the effect of lyrics in music on society. It brings out the arguments and counterarguments about the effect of lyrics, the harmful effects of lyrics and its impact on society. Includes a works cited page with 3 sources.... More Details
Tags: lyrics music society
Pages:  3
Works Cited: Yes
Amalgamation of Faith Science    $25.00
An essay detailing the growth of religion and the birth of the chasm between faith and science. Additionally, the essay puts forth a solution to heal the rift.... More Details
Tags: faith science amalgamation world peace rift religion christianity islam judaism hinduism mythology
Pages:  6
Works Cited: No
False Oasis    $25.00
In the distant future, Earth is at war. After an unspecified amount of time, all seems to be well and a utopian, agrarian society seems to be thriving. However, when members of a utopian village begin to disappear, the dystopian truth begins to slowly come out.... More Details
Tags: hologram peace dystoia utopia brave new world 1984
Pages:  10
Works Cited: No
The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo: Breaking Stereotypes through Revolution    $45.00
This is a very well educated and elegantly paper I wrote for a Sociology 450 upper level senior class. I wrote it on the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in South America and the Dirty War. It discusses the Peróns, and the Revolutionary movement, as well as the ¨Desaparecidos¨ or ¨Dissapearances¨ that happenned during this time. The movie ¨Missing¨ is also mentioned in this paper, which is in English and directly tied in to this topic. ... More Details
Tags: Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo South America Disappearances Desaparecidos Revolutions Dictatorships Dirty War Sociology Per&Ati
Pages:  4
Works Cited: No
Mútliples idiomas y su importancia    $45.00
This is a Spanish essay, in Spanish, talking about the importance of multiple languages in the world, and how it helps to shape their culture; it focuses on Spanish, English, and the Chicanos´ culture. It is written in a very well educated Spanish, so please do not attempt to turn it in to any classes lower than Spanish 300 or 400 level classes. It also references a Chicano writer named Gloria Anzaldúa. ... More Details
Tags: Spanish Español Multiples Idiomas Chicanos Cultura
Pages:  2
Works Cited: No
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