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Policing Approaches    $25.00
This essay discusses the various policing approaches such as community-oriented policing, problem-oriented policing, and zero-tolerance policing. This essay also focuses on the similarities or differences between the three approaches, while determining which approach to policing, or perhaps a different alternative altogether, makes more sense.... More Details
Tags: Policing Approaches
Pages:  9
Works Cited: Yes
Juvenile Justice    $25.00
This paper addresses the past and present juvenile justice system as it stands in the United States.This paper also discusses the removal of Native American children from their homes and to place them in residential schools. ... More Details
Tags: Juvenile Justice
Pages:  10
Works Cited: Yes
Terrorism and its Successes and Failures    PaperSafe Verified Essay $25.00
This essay focuses on domestic terrorism and its failures and successes as well as their impact on Americaâs national stance towards terrorism. This paper also has a full reference page with sources cited.... More Details
Tags: Terrorism
Pages:  8
Works Cited: Yes
Gun control    $15.00
This paper includes three sources and they are cited. This paper is about the history of gun control and the laws and regulations on gun control. In this paper I also wrote about the psitives and negatives of gun control. Also what groups in America are for gun control and against gun control. I included how to obtain a gun and what an individual would need to do to obtain a permit to carry a gun.... More Details
Tags: gun control laws second Amendment
Pages:  4
Works Cited: Yes
Corporate Social Responsibility of Canon    $25.00
Business Law and Ethics essay about corporate social responsibility (CSR). This essay contains citation (direct quotes and in-text reference) about background of CSR, definition of CSR, the importance of CSR, negative impacts of corporation without CSR (from many sources), and Canon company CSR observation. 1492 words.... More Details
Tags: corporate social responsibility law canon company
Pages:  4
Works Cited: Yes
Gun Control: Preventing School Shootings    $45.00
this is an amazing paper and the controls the government should put on guns in schools due to the recent outburst of violence... More Details
Tags: gun control law kill death murder children child united states gun control school shootings education law kids
Pages:  6
Works Cited: Yes
Bullying in the Workplace    $25.00
The essays the lack of protection from the government that we have against workplace bullying. I used newspapers, and health articles in order to do this essay. ... More Details
Tags: Bullying in the Workplace Persuasive essay
Pages:  4
Works Cited: Yes
Contract Law and its Clauses    $25.00
[1.0] WHAT EXACTLY IS A CONTRACT? A Contract is a formal written agreement, which contains a set of rules, procedures, guidelines, which 2 or more parties agree upon at the time of carrying out a formal business transaction. Atiyah 1995, defines a contract as, âA contract is a promise or a set of promises for the breach of which the law gives a remedy, or the performance of which the law recognizes as a duty.â It is a legal document containing rules, which parties to the contract are entitled to abide and is enforceable in the court of law. There are certain guidelines or laws, which should be included in the contract. These are also the elements of a contract. In the absence of any of these elements the contract stands void. It should be noted that a contract is not just a set of promises. In fact it should be concluded, with all the parties to the contract fulfilling their obligations as mentioned in the contract. The formation of a contract is a long, but a very comprehensive process as it involves everything from the names of the parties involved to the kind of business they transact, the terms on which they agree mutually and also certain laws which bind them in the contract and if they donât abide by these laws they can be legally held in the court of law. The following essay provides an overview of how a contract is made and what terms and clauses are to be included in the contract. ... More Details
Tags: Contract Law terms clause case offer clauses
Pages:  20
Works Cited: Yes
The Fraud of the New Economy: Bernard Madoff    $20.00
Paper focuses on the fraud of Bernard Madoff and its effect on his clients, including in-depth analysis of effects on union pensions. 13 sources included in bibliography. ... More Details
Tags: Business law Madoff fraud charities foundations pension funds New York State unions
Pages:  11
Works Cited: Yes
Nine Principles and their Connection to Modern Day Policing    PaperSafe Verified Essay $40.00
This paper is on the policing field which talks about Early roots of policing: Sir Robert Peelâs (1820s) nine principles and their connection to modern day policing.... More Details
Tags: Sir Robert Peel home secretary of England Metropolitian Police Police Larrabee A.K. Law Enforcement Williams Keith; Peel&acir
Pages:  4
Works Cited: Yes
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