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The Importance of a Name    PaperSafe Verified Essay $25.00
The authors in this essay each had to revise their names in order to fit into society here in the United States. Their perceptions changed as well, due to their culture. Names given to children at birth tend to have a different meaning than the ones that society uses to refer to a person. Thus, a cultural name may mean more than a given, slang name. This essay discusses how personalities and attitudes change as names change within society. 5 sources... More Details
Tags: education names and personalities cultural names names and affects on society
Pages:  5
Works Cited: Yes
User Manual Assignment    $45.00
Team Assignments Due in Week Five: Due Day 7, Week Five: Submit your User Manual Assignment: Prepare a user manual for one of the following six items: • University of Phoenix Online Learning System (OLS) • rEsource for this class (ENG/221) • eCampus Student Web site • University Library • Virtual Organizations The user manual should be 15-20 pages and should demonstrate your ability to provide clear, concise, accurate, and coherent written communication. The manual should also reflect sound design elements. The manual should be targeted towards first time students who are being introduced for the first time to the item you selected. The user manual should contain the following items: • Table of contents • Written instructions for accessing, navigating, and using • Visual elements (e.g. images, flowcharts, tables, or other graphic items such as screenshots) • Appropriate headings • Legible font selections • Effective page layout including the order of information, use of whitespace, highlighting, and appropriate headings, • Headers and footers APA does not have a format for a â€user manual’, so you may be creative with your formatting – make an attractive and useful document that is both functional and pleasing to the eyes, while professional. ... More Details
Tags: User Manual Assignment
Pages:  20
Works Cited: Yes
Due Day 7, Week 3: Create a Request for Proposal (RFP) for bringing in outside trainers for your team user manual project. In other words, you will be requesting proposals from fictional third-party training providers to help disseminate and teach the information your team is compiling into a user manual. You will do this RFP as an individual assignment, however. Please take license to invent any information you feel you need, in addition to the information about your particular team project for use in this document. Use information in your assigned readings and the examples located in the articles for Week Three as guides for writing your RFP. There is a bit more information regarding the samples in the Course Materials forum. Your RFP should include, at minimum, the following information, not necessarily in this order: • Brief cover letter • Background of project • Review of services you need the trainers to provide • Fee estimate assumptions • Submission and selection directions/information • All necessary contact information for proposal submissions and questions ... More Details
Pages:  10
Works Cited: No
Letter to Microsoft    $15.00
Due Day 7, Week 2: Write a 1 page letter to Microsoft® asking permission to use screen shots of its product in a user manual. Invent the information for your content as you see fit. Your letter should follow the full block format with subject line layout. A sample of this format is provided in your text in Chapter 6 – figure 6.9 ... More Details
Tags: Letter to Microsoft
Pages:  1
Works Cited: No
"The Real Me"    $45.00
Short story set in modern Japan. A young boy loses all memories after seeing his brother brutally murdered. His father is not in the picture, and he is abused by his mother. He attends after-school sessions with a psychologist, but they don't help. Soon the boy is approached by a mysterious man who says he knows why the boy's brother was murdered, and why the boy cannot remember anything before the incident. (Story is 10 pages, but stops in mid-action without resolving the plot.)... More Details
Tags: Short story set in Japan. A boy loses all memory after his brother is brutally murdered. He is abused by his mother and is ap
Pages:  10
Works Cited: No
Text and Interpretation in The Scarlet Letter    $45.00
A comparison of the author, Hawthorn, and his main character, Hester, and the extent to which each uses skill to create, and that skill renders symbolic interpretation meaningless.... More Details
Tags: American Literature Scarlet Letter Symbolism and Textual Analysis
Pages:  9
Works Cited: Yes
An Elegy Questioning with Words and Images    $15.00
An analysis of the poem, “In Memory of My Dear Grandchild Elizabeth Bradstreet, Who Deceased August, 1665, Being a Year and a Half Old."... More Details
Tags: American Literature Puritan Poetry Anne Bradstreet
Pages:  3
Works Cited: Yes
Carrying and Obsession    $15.00
This essay is a personal reaction to the story "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien. It covers Jimmy Cross' obsession with Martha, the girl he left in America when he went to fight in Vietnam.... More Details
Tags: "The Things They Carried" Jimmy Cross obsession Tim O'Brien
Pages:  1
Works Cited: No
A Cruel World, In a Minute Way    $30.00
This essay is about cruelty in society, and literature's focus on the topic. In particular, the Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseni, is a good example of this. There is one work cited in this essay... More Details
Tags: Kite Runner Khaled Hosseni Violence Cruelty
Pages:  2
Works Cited: Yes
An elephant came to school ! Written by Nisha Lakhiani    $15.00
An essay of fictional writing , more like a short story about how an animal creates havoc in a school ! This essay is an original peice of writing written by me... More Details
Tags: english fiction writing coursework assignment composition elephant school fiction descriptive short story
Pages:  1
Works Cited: No
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