How do I know I will get a quality paper, that isn't all over the net?
We take every measure possible to make sure only the most qualified essays are listed on this web site. What separates us from all of the other similar web sites is that the verified papers listed on our site cannot be found anywhere else. Below are the steps we take to weed out virtually all poor quality papers, or those that otherwise fail to meet our basic criteria.

Human Intervention
First, all of the essays submitted are screened by our staff. This is to ensure users do not submit a poor quality essay, or one found anywhere else on the web. Before it recieves the PaperSafe seal of approval, we screen the essays with the same processes instructors nationwide use to check for plagiarism. It against our Usage Policy to submit an essay which is not your own, one that contains plagiarism, or has the potential to exist anywhere, web or otherwise. We also evaluate the essay, and make sure it is accurately described and represented. It will also be decided if the price is outlandish.

Website Intervention
The system performs a word count on the essay when it is submitted. It can only get an approximation, but it should be close enough to decide if the paper is the appropriate length for your ideal request. The user is responsible for entering the number of pages (double-spaced), but the software is responsible for giving the actual word count.

Feedback System
In addition to our filtering, we also rely on a feedback system. This was designed to assist in identifying which authors and papers are most reliable. Of course not all papers contain feedback, and that should not disqualify an essay from one of your choices. However, positive feedback on an author or essay can help give you peace of mind when making a purchase. We also encourage you to report any suspicious papers or users on this site. With the help from the community as a whole, we can better serve everyone.

Scheduled Scans
We conduct periodic scans of the essays in our database, much like initial screening process. This allows us to keep our database current. By doing this, we can help make sure that essays that may have passed our screening in the past, still are eligible today. Users who are found to have a paper listed in violation of our policy will be subject to the same rules as those who are caught during the initial process.

To contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns, please visit the support section.

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