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Only essays written at a college level, for a college class may be submitted. Only original essays, from the original author (you) are eligible. If your paper has the potential to be available anywhere else, on the Internet or otherwise, or you have given away the copyrights to someone else, it is not eligible. If your essay contains any plagiarism whatsoever, it is not an acceptable essay. We do very extensive checks on every incoming essay before it is approved. We also do periodic scans of the database to check for essay integrity. We reserve the right to refuse any essay or remove an essay at any time. By listing an essay on our site you give the exclusive rights to sell your paper through our web site. You also agree to give the buyer the rights to use your essay in any manner of personal usage, except for a gain in profit, resale, or trade. Because you are entitling to exclusive rights to list your paper on our site, you may never list, post, trade, sell, or give the paper you have listed to any other person, company, web site, or other entity while the essay is available on When you submit an essay with any amount of plagiarism, it will be declined. Depending on the severity of the plagiarism, your account may be terminated, as well as any other papers you've submitted, approved or not. You also agree that any essay you submit containing plagiarism, despite being declined, will remain in our database for future cross-checking and any other uses utilizes it for in the future.

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Violations and Resulting Actions
Any user found to be in violation of this policy will be subject having their account closed. If your account is terminated, your account balance will be null and void. Involvement and Services acts merely as a broker between essay authors and buyers. We provide a medium for exchange, and services to help ensure the buyers' protection and satisfaction. Because these essays are written by unique individuals, we cannot make any guarantees about the essays listed or how well they will apply to your needs. We value all of our customers, and will do our best to handle any disputes or discrepancies that may arise. has the right to modify or discontinue its service at any time, with or without advanced notice. does not make any warranty of the functionality, uptime, services, or any other aspect of the site in general.

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