The main feature that makes a unique and popular service compared to other essay websites is it's commitment to only allowing users to offer exclusive, plagiarism free essays. We offer a two stage service with most of the essays offered here.

FreeScan Essay Scanner
All essays that get submitted are scanned using our very own proprietary plagiarism detection software. This will detect essays that are publicly available on the Internet, in part or whole. Essays available in whole would be those from free essay web sites. Those it will detect in part are those where the essay dealer posts a sample of the essay, but the remainder can only be received after payment. Posting any part of an essay is a tremendous blunder in our opinion as it allows for even just the sample to be plagiarized.

Due to the unscrupulous actions and claims of other essay dealers, many people are suspicious if the essays are even scanned on any level. Also, many people don't realize how easy it is to detect plagiarism in most all other essay websites. Because of this, we have made our FreeScan Essay Scanner available to the public. You can access it by clicking here. We welcome you to try it out and see how well the first stage in our verification system works. Try scanning essays available on other web sites, then try scanning one you bought from We also made this tool public for our buyers, so they can check the essay for themselves upon purchase.

PaperSafe Essay Certification
PaperSafe is a premier level of scanning, and is an upgrade that our sellers take advantage of to get all papers they submit verified through this program. Likewise, a buyer can opt to add this service to an essay during checkout. To become certified, they must pass a 3rd party software screening. The software is the very same used by a huge amount of instructors to verify the paper is plagiarism free. This software is much more comprehensive, detecting even incorrect paraphrasing by analyzing the paradigms. We always recommend you include this option in every purchase for a paper that is not PaperSafe certified. Additionally, we recommend you include this option during purchase for any essay had been certified more than 6 months ago.

What Software Do We Use During PaperSafe Scanning?
That's a trade secret, but we can tell you it is quite popular. It does not report to a central database. We have analyzed all network traffic on the packet level (using Ethereal) during scanning, and there is only three different destinations it uses. Two of them are search engines; the third is a request to verify the software license is valid. The essay is never transmitted anywhere in whole, and only in small random phrases during the actual scan. The essay would had to be submitted by the instructor to a service that maintains a central database for it to exist there. The software we employ does no such thing under any circumstances.

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