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Title: Classification and Division: Guitars
Summary: Paper about the differences in guitars, guitar history, talking about the three types of guitars that there are.
Alt Summary:
Tags: guitars classical guitars acoustic guitars music
Classification and Division: Guitars by rachelsworld, 20 Points      PaperSafe Verified Essay
Price$15.00ClassENG 112
SubjectFine ArtsYear2003
TypeBook ReportGrade95%
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Works CitedNo
Approx. Words899  
PaperSafe Verified Essay
Paper about the differences in guitars, guitar history, talking about the three types of guitars that there are.
Tags: guitars classical guitars acoustic guitars music

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I was a dual-enrollment student my senior year in high school, I am now a sophomore attending the University of Michigan. I am going to be an art major and an English minor with a specilization in writing.

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