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Title: ADHD in School Age Children
Summary: This was my senior thesis from nursing school. I have a power point presentation and handouts that go along with it. It is written in APA format with 3 scholarly resources properly documented.
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Tags: Thesis Paper on ADHD in School-Age Children
ADHD in School Age Children by exnurse25, 3 Points     
SubjectMedical and HealthYear2006
Approx. Pages (12 pt. Double Spaced)8 (Use word count for best estimate
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Works CitedYes
Approx. Words1729  

This was my senior thesis from nursing school. I have a power point presentation and handouts that go along with it. It is written in APA format with 3 scholarly resources properly documented.
Tags: Thesis Paper on ADHD in School-Age Children

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I have a bachelors of science in nursing and graduated with a 3.89 GPA just a few years ago. All of my papers are thoroughly researched and well written using APA format. I have moved on to a different career, so I will pass my knowledge on to you now.

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