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Title: A Night Out
Summary: This is a short descriptive creative writing assignment that I wrote about sneaking out of my house. It could easily be used as a prompt to write a longer story
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Tags: Creative Wirting sneaking out descriptive writing short story
A Night Out by cchil007, 146 Points      PaperSafe Verified Essay
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TypeFictional/Creative WritingGrade93%
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This is a short descriptive creative writing assignment that I wrote about sneaking out of my house. It could easily be used as a prompt to write a longer story
Tags: Creative Wirting sneaking out descriptive writing short story

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Author Information:
I attended college from 1999-2005. During this time I got a B.A in Communication with an emphasis in Mass Communication and a minor in Political Science GPA: 3.3. I also got a Masters in Humanities with an emphasis on communication GPA: 3.8.

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