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My local government
,,,,,,,The issues that occur in my community are like those of others, but I, myself, wondered why the process isn’t quicker, why is the job not being done, but then I’ve learned the reason why processes may take a while.
Class / Course: GOVT242
Year: 2008
Grade: 93
Huck Finn and I
A quick and dirty personal opinion paper for an beginning English course. Try it cheap to see my work - but remember this was my first quarter as a freshman and my skills have been honed over the last 11 years.
Class / Course: ENG 101
Year: 1991
Grade: 100
Keywords: Huck Finn Tom Saywer Samuel Clemens Personal Opinion
RECONSTRUCTION: A Step of Equality and Freedom for African Americans
An in depth analysis of the Reconstruction period that came about after the end of the Civil War, and its' efforts to reunite the Confederates with the Union, the Africans with the Europeans, and the dark with the light. Perfect reconstruction paper, but
Class / Course: Psy210
Year: 2002
Grade: 90
Keywords: Union African-American slavery Reconstuction History Civil War Law Racism
Hamlet's Horatio
Paper reguarding the relationship Hamlet and Horatio had in the play Hamlet.
Class / Course: ENG102
Year: 2003
Grade: 98
Keywords: Hamlet Horatio
The Creatine Controversy
This is a persuasive speech written to persuade one to not use creatine, or oterh performance enhancing drugs. It highlights the (un)known dangers of the drug.
Class / Course: ENG101
Year: 2000
Grade: 90
Keywords: Steriods creatine athlete jock drugs kill death supplements sports
Descartes on the Necessity that Existence is a Result of Something External to the Se
This is a very detailed analysis and critique of Descartes' argument in the Meditations that the existence of the self depends on something outside of the self. 1612 words.
Class / Course: Mod Phil
Year: 2002
Grade: 95
Keywords: descartes meditations self God
The World Wrestling Federation - Financial Analysis
This is an extremely in depth financial analysis of the World Wrestling Federation. I had an extremely hard teacher at the time, and got a 110% due to the fact that I covered some extra credit requirements.
Class / Course: ACT405
Year: 2002
Grade: 100
Keywords: WWF WWE World Wrestling Federation Wrestling Entertainment
AmeriCorps Personal Experience Paper
This structured, personal experience paper describes a community service I was involved in and discusses how my service relates to Psychology. In this paper I discuss psychological theories and apply them to my experience (AmeriCorps Volunteer). This pape
Class / Course: HC498
Year: 2001
Grade: 93
Keywords: community service psychological theory
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