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Donnie Darko's Existentialism
An essay/review describing recurring themes of existentialism in the movie Donnie Darko starring Jake Gyllenhaal.
Class / Course: ART145
Year: 2006
Grade: 100
Keywords: donnie darko existentialism
Police Brutality and Misconduct
This is an essay which addresses the prevalence of police brutality and misconduct in the United States. It examines through extensive research the causes and effects of police brutality and misconduct. All works properly cited.
Class / Course: ENG1001
Year: 2007
Grade: 96
Keywords: police brutality misconduct cops current issues rodney king corruption
Laughter is the best medicine
This essay describes how laughter becomes the best medicine to make human life more light and enjoyable.This essay is suitable for all levels.
Class / Course: ENG121
Year: 2009
Grade: 90
Keywords: laughter is the best medicine
Questionability of Stem Cell Research
Essay argues that while stem cell research should not be banned, there are many potential harmfull consequences if we proceed with this type of scientific experimentation. Six sources cited.
Class / Course: ENG100
Year: 2003
Grade: 100
Keywords: Stem Cell Research
George W Bush vs. John Kerry: Compare and Contrast
This is an essay discussing why I think that John Kerry should be voted as president based upon issues such as health care, national defense, economy and personal opinions of the two. The paper compares and contrasts the two candidates and then finally di
Class / Course: GOV
Year: 2004
Grade: 100
Keywords: John Kerry 2004 Election George W. Bush Republican Democrat President
A review of the Trauma Symptom Inventory
I wrote this paper for my graduate level psychological testing class. The paper is on the trauma symptom inventory, its reliability, and validity. My professor uses this paper as his sample for the class. Paper has 10 pages text and 4 references. Paper is 12 pages long with title and reference page. Includes headers in APA style. My own criticisms are included, so "I" is used several times.
Class / Course: psy561
Year: 2006
Grade: 96
Keywords: trauma symptom inventory psychological test
Class / Course: grad
Year: 2005
Grade: 100
Keywords: starbucks coffee business analysis
Film Noir and the contrast between light and dark
The cinematographer John Bailey says, "There is an element in film noir, in the way light and shadow is used in such extreme contrast, that is almost religious or spiritual or philosophical." What does Bailey mean by this? How can Hollywood movies be philosophical? Do you agree with Bailey's vision of film noir as an encounter between good and evil, and that this moral undercurrent accounts for the use of strong black and white cinematography?
Class / Course: FIL110
Year: 2009
Grade: 95
Keywords: John Baily Film noir light shadow contrast good evil
The Chruch's Response to Disease
This briefly describes ways in which the Christian Church historically has and is planning on assisting with treating and responding to diseases.
Class / Course: BBST 100
Year: 2009
Grade: 85
Keywords: Church. disease Africa Asia SARS HIV AIDS Romans World Health Origination
Imagination in Ode to a Nightingale
950 words. Analysis of the poem with quotes, instances of Keat's imagination. This is the paper that made my english professor say, "wow".
Class / Course: EN272
Year: 2002
Grade: 98
Keywords: Ode to a Nightengale John Keats
Pearl Harbor : An infamous day
This essay focuses on the attack of pearl harbor. It includes info on who was involved, a background on americas isolationist policy, planning for attack its aftermath and how it relates to todays society. ALSO INCLUDES AN OUTLINE AND BIBLIOGRAPHY.
Class / Course: Rhetoric
Year: 2003
Grade: 97
Keywords: Pearl Harbor
Antingone,The "Polis", and the Playwright
This essay analyzes Sophocles' Antigone from the point of view of the fifth-century Athenian audience, and compares that audience to the audiences of today; compares modern themes of "individualism" and "morality" with the Ancient greek citizen's views; d
Class / Course: en565
Year: 2003
Grade: 90
Keywords: Antigone Sophocles tragedy polis Anouilh Brecht
Through a glass darkly: Philip Ziegler & the Black Death
This is a straightforward analytical review of Philip Ziegler's "Black Death." The language of the essay is academic, but not too heady.
Class / Course: HIS200
Year: 1998
Grade: 100
Keywords: black plague death Philip Ziegler
Why Chinua Achebe’s Argument on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness “Falls Apart”
I usually do not ask this much for a research paper, but I spent more time on this paper than any other paper I have ever written. In this paper, I argue that Chinua Achebe's essay on the Heart of Darkness is justified in calling Conrad's Heart of Darknes
Class / Course: ENG329
Year: 2002
Grade: 94
Keywords: Joeseph Conrad Chinua Achebe Heart of Darkness
World War One
basic summery of world war one
Class / Course: CHC 2D
Year: 2003
Grade: 79
Keywords: WW1 World war one
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