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We have all been there -- you need to write a paper and you're looking anything that can make it easier. You need a working example on how to approach your topic and get past the dreaded writers block. However, you don't want to use poor quality work that has been all over the net, which is plagiarized, tired and used up.

That is a legitimate concern, but really only applies to essays you acquire from other sources, particularly the free essay web sites. Nowadays it is fairly common for an instructor to run submitted papers through various tools to determine if any plagiarism, whether intentional or unintentional exists. This is accomplished through manual methods such as searching the search engines for unique phrases, as well as sophisticated software and services that rarely miss. Fortunately, has access to those same tools and software, and we use those in the screening of all essays carrying the PaperSafe icon. These tools are extremely helpful for determining the following things: First, we want to make sure the essay is not available anywhere else on the web. If we can't trace it, it probably doesn't exist. Second, we want to ensure there is no plagiarism in the essays; that it is totally original as far as our tools can detect. The benefit of this is you will be getting a fresh essay, and not from a exhausted, plagiarized paper. Also, if you choose to select the state you live in on the search area, your results will tell you how many times the particular paper has been purchased by users from your state. This helps ensure you are getting ideas from sources that have not been saturated in your area. See Buyer Safety for more info.

What is a PaperSafe certified essay?
Any essay with the PaperSafe icon next to it in the search results has been verified through software used by educators to locate plagiarism. We use it to ensure there is no plagiarism, and it cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet, that it is unique to our website. If an essay does not carry the icon, don't worry, you can add the scan to it during checkout. we will start the scan promtly and report our findings to you within 48 hours. If we detect any plagiarism, or find it elsewhere, we will refund you 100% of the price you paid for it. PaperSafe verification works as an insurance policy, quality assurance and to give you peace of mind. This feature is what separates us from all other essay brokers.

So how I am protected from getting a low quality essay that can be found somewhere else?
Essentially, the only papers allowed on this site (see usage policy) are original ones, posted only by the original author. The author must have not made the essay available to any other organization or individual, with the exception of those related to the original assignment. We also review the essay's content personally before making it approved for purchase. There are a number of other ways we have made this as high of quality as possible for our users. We recommend you read our Buyer Safety Information and our Usage Policy for more details.

Ok, how do I know I will get a good paper since I can't see all of it before I buy it?
Rarely will a paper match your needs perfectly, and since it is for reference, it doesn't have to be. The goal is to find a paper that encompasses the main thoughts that match your criteria. First, the sample will give you an idea of the style and quality of the writer. The essay's descriptive information can be a good indicator of whether a paper will be suitable or not. The paper's summary, along with the author's background information, and the feedback rating for the paper and author can help ensure you select a good paper. Again, take a look at the Buyer Safety Information.

Once I pay for the paper, when do I get it?
Instantly! After you purchase an essay it is automatically dropped into your "essay bin" in your account control panel.

What if I buy a paper that isn't what I wanted?
If a seller misrepresents a paper, or the essay is PaperSafe verified, but were to be found elsewhere, we will issue a prompt refund. This is quite rare because of the approval process that a essay must pass before being listed on the site, let alone the PaperSafe verification process. Please look at our Usage Policy for more information.

All right, I want a paper, how do I start?
First, we recommend you sign up for an account before anything. Your user account is where all of your essays will be stored for viewing once you have purchased them. Your control panel is rich in features, including managing your profile, essays for sale, funds and much more! Then you need to go and find the essay you want. We have provided you with numerous ways to search for essays to easily find one right for you, based on the course, keywords, or subject and/or type. Multiple essays you find can be added to your cart. This is extremely helpful when you find many options and want to decide later which to purchase. Once you are ready to checkout, you will pay via credit card. Upon successful payment you should return to your personal account, where your essays will be immediately accessible for online viewing. What you do with them after that is your decision. You will most likely copy and paste the text into your word processing program and save them on your computer for reference.

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